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Online learning is not a new phenomenon. But it has assumed immense importance in recent years. The global pandemic restricted people to their homes and necessitated virtual learning pedagogies. As a result, organizations around the world feel a need to take their employee training online.


Even as the pandemic reaches its endgame, hybrid work environments can become a norm. This brings the future closer than expected. Thus, virtual training is sure to become standard practice. Creating training content for virtual training can be a challenging task if not approached with the right software tool.


It’s vital to recognize which virtual training development tool would suit an organization’s needs the best. Here, we will list the five best virtual training programs in the market. You can choose from the following to bring your organization up to speed with its virtual training needs:

  • AllenComm

AllenComm comes with a vast activity library and cloud-based services. It can help scale training for large audiences through its dedicated teams. It can quickly convert your Instructor-led Training(ILT) events to Virtual ILT. 


It focuses on content management for an organization. It can create temporary sites for content management and distribution. Thus, it eases the process of hosting digital content and scheduling VILT sessions. It has powerful tracking features to track the learning outcomes. 


It can rapidly provide eLearning solutions after receiving your sample content. This tool rides on the parent company’s 35 years of experience in learning technology and instructional design.

  • SweetRush 

SweetRush is committed to helping companies impact the lives of their employees positively. It helps organizations attract and retain employees. Its virtual training solutions engage, motivate, develop, and lead employees to personal and professional development. 


Its training programs combine a vast array of technologies such as: 


  • Intelligent assistants 
  • Interactive video, 
  • Adaptive learning 
  • Gamification 
  • Extended reality(AR + VR)

    It allows a company to design its custom virtual training programs. It has a depth of capabilities to aid virtual training elements like eLearning simulations, mobile learning, remote coaching, virtual classrooms, and much more.

    It offers a collaborative design experience through its Virtual CoDesign. It can adapt to your training needs and offer an optimum training experience based on them. 

  • EI Design 

EI Design helps organizations in futureproofing their virtual training methods. It adopts a sustainable approach to develop long-term plans for corporate training. It has the right tools to upskill trainers and support change management.

It enriches virtual training modules with immersive learning content to engage remote learners. It provides learning in the flow of work with its personalized learning modules.  


It balances smoothly between formal training and on-demand learning opportunities. It seeks to push learners on a path of continuous learning through its learning ecosystem. Its ecosystem ensures self-directed learning, collaborative learning, and content curation. 

  • Commlab India 

Commlab India leverages its Instructional Design expertise to offer effective virtual training. It helps design a vast set of instructional material. These include exercise worksheets, guides for participants, and more. It can convert classroom training material to virtual learning at a rapid speed.


It helps fill content gaps and focuses on visual design. It seeks to align business objectives with employee performance. There’s an additional focus on conversion and customer satisfaction. Thus, it offers a single point of contact for each project.


It offers self-learning modules for trainers. These modules help learn instructional methods, capabilities, and practical strategies for virtual classrooms.

  • Inno-Versity

Inno-Versity is known for its focus on creative learning. They have partnered with some leading global brands to specialize in eLearning, blended learning, gamification, ILT(Instructor-led Training), extended reality, and more. 


Its expertise can help companies design comprehensive training programs. Its immersive learning programs can be built into complex virtual training environments. The idea is to make the learning experience easier, even when the expected outcomes are highly specialized.



Virtual learning is here to stay. If you want your organization to not fall behind, you need to invest in an appropriate virtual training program for your employees. You can choose from this list to get started. 

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