5 Characteristics of a Great Photo

5 Characteristics of a Great Photo

Whether you are just starting out as a budding photographer or you’ve been doing it for a while, there’s always something new to learn. Being able to create consistently good photos is a valuable talent for any creative person, and it could make a huge difference when it comes to selling your photos or sharing them online. 

Free online collage makers are a great way to get creative and make cool photo montages. With these websites and apps, you don’t have to be a graphic design expert or pay for expensive software to create impressive collages. Many free collage maker have user-friendly layouts with templates that allow you to quickly arrange your images however you like. You can layer images with customizable frames, stickers, text overlays, special effects, and more for a unique, personalized collage. Some of the most popular free options are services like Canva, Ribbet, BeFunky, and Pixlr.

There are so many community photo sharing sites to help you share tips and get advice from other fellow photographers. With that in mind, here are just some characteristics of a great photo and what you should keep in mind for next time.

The composition of your image

Composition can make a huge difference to your finished image, and it can apply to whatever type of image you are hoping to capture, whether it’s landscape, architecture, nature or portraiture. Some of the most common compositional concepts, like the rule of thirds and symmetry, are often very effective in creating a neat image that comes together perfectly.

You should consider the various compositions available that would enhance your image even further, including things like negative lighting, framing and depth of field. Depending on what scene you are capturing with your camera, there is always a great choice of composition. It can make a big difference to the end result, so keep it in mind. Use of accessories like hipod helps a lot.

Unique use of lighting

The lighting of any image is crucial to the overall quality and appearance of the photo, but you can also play with the lighting to create unique effects. Contrasting light and dark is always an interesting choice, creating shadows and silhouettes, as well as playing with reflections.

Bokeh is a popular concept that brings together light effects with depth of field, creating a fairy light effect with an aesthetic blur. You will likely have seen it before, and it always proves a popular effect amongst contemporary photographers.

An eye-catching angle

Most photos are usually captured from the same angle, typically front-on with the subject in the middle of the shot. Consider what it is in your viewpoint and think about whether a different angle would make your photo even more eye-catching. 

For instance, is there an intricate or patterned floor in your image? If so, why not use the necessary technology to take the picture from above. If you are shooting children or animals, why not get lower to capture their perspective? It could create a very interesting effect for people to look at.

Telling a story 

One of the most important things to remember about photography is that you aim to tell a story through your imagery, whether it is one picture or a series. Draw your audience in with a story of history or culture and help them to discover a little escape for a while.

Telling a story through your photography is one of the great factors of success, as it allows people to gain an understanding of your photos.

Including emotion

Within your storytelling, consider trying to capture emotion in your images. Your audience will resonate with this and will be able to empathise with your imagery. This could be love, grief, sadness, anger or something else entirely.

It’s important that the emotion is conveyed as authentically as possible, as this can evoke genuine feeling in your photography which can have a huge impact on on the viewer.

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