5 Common Myths about Searching Colleges

5 Common Myths about Searching Colleges

The first step towards finding the college that best suits you is conducting thorough research. But, sadly when you will begin your search you will come across various myths about college search that could take you off track. If you are looking for the best college but myths are becoming your obstacles then this article is here for you to debunk all those myths and clear the obstacles.

Brand Names Define a College

You must have heard people saying that companies only hire employees from colleges that have a brand name and for making your career success you must get into one of those colleges. On the other hand, the truth is something else. Remember, college name and academics are not the sole things that a company checks while hiring you. Companies also check your skills, experience, communication skills, leadership abilities, and other qualities that are required for the job post. According to Glassdoor, some companies do not look for college degrees; they offer well-paid jobs, even if you only have a high-school diploma what matters are your skills.

Good Colleges are only for Exclusive Students

If you believe in the fact that good colleges take in only those students, who have stunning grades, a huge list of co-curricular activities, and a fantastic academic record then, my friend you are having a serious misconception. Colleges do not look for A-grade students only. Yes, marks and grades matter, but colleges look for students who will succeed on their campus and make them proud. There are many other factors that colleges consider before admission like your personal statement, your course choices, participation in community activities, etc.

No Need to Check out Expensive Colleges

Some people think that there is no need of checking out colleges with high tuition fees as they cannot afford it. Never allow the tuition fees to dominate your college search. Many expensive colleges offer various scholarship programs so before striking out a college from your preference list due to its tuition fees do not forget to check whether it offers scholarship programs or not.

Best Professors Are Only Found in the Ivy League Colleges

Another biggest myth, only Ivy League colleges have the best professors and you will not get such high-quality teaching in small institutions. I do not know why most people think that the best professors always try to get into Ivy colleges. There are talented professors with extraordinary teaching skills in small institutions also and sometimes those professors are also far better than Ivy professors.

Family Association Will Give You a Guaranteed Admission

Another deadly misconception is that you will surely get admission into the college from where your parents or elder siblings graduated. Well, some colleges consider family association but that is not the only factor they look for. Remove the misconception from your mind that family association guarantees your admission. A family association may give your application an edge over other applications but will not guarantee your admission.


These are some myths that you should not allow to dominate your college search. The college search is a hectic job, if you find it difficult you should take the help of online college finding tools that provide you details and statistics of numerous colleges.


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