5 Compelling Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer on Your Side

5 Compelling Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer on Your Side

Townsville is a vibrant city along the coast of northeastern Queensland. It is dubbed as the largest urban centre of the Sunshine Coast. Because of its beautiful location, many families have decided to call this place home. But, unfortunately, the idyllic life is shattered by high divorce rates due to adultery, irreconcilable differences, and other disputes.

Should you find yourself in this predicament, you need family lawyers in Townsville at your disposal. This branch of the law deals with more than just divorce. It also tackles alimony, child support, custody, adoption, and estate planning. If you are keen on making changes in your life, a knowledgeable family attorney can explain options so you can make an educated decision. Now is the time to hire an attorney specialising in family law, and there are many benefits to taking this step.

Help Eliminate a Toxic Relationship

If you are stuck in a relationship with too much conflict, abuse, and disrespect, it is time to end things. This situation will drain your energy and make you unhappy. A family law attorney can help you establish your legal rights and options. The most leading causes of divorce are:

  • Financial problems
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual issues
  • Drug abuse
  • Domestic violence

No matter your reason, finding leading lawyers in Townsville can help you free yourself. This is the first step that moves you forward to a new and happier life.

File For More Support When An Ex-Spouse Gets a Raise

If you get the hint that your ex-spouse got a promotion, it usually corresponds to a higher income. This will have an impact on the amount of child support you receive for your minor children. In this instance, your family lawyer can help you file a petition to increase support.

Your attorney is well versed in child support laws and ensures your request is filed correctly. The firm can gather documents and evidence to support your position in requesting an increase. From there, the court will review wages and make recommendations. With the right input from your attorney, the judgement will be in your favour.

Settle Custody Disputes to Get More Parenting Time

If you feel compelled to challenge the current parenting time, you need to consult a family lawyer such as Barrie Family Lawyer. Usually, a parent will challenge custody for the following reasons:

  • A parent is moving far away
  • Incarceration
  • Child endangerment
  • Failure to comply with court orders

Since children can be chatty, you may learn about inappropriate information at your ex-spouse’s home. Because your children’s safety is paramount, a consultation with a family lawyer will help you take steps to ensure you can prove your claims in court. They have you and your children’s greatest interests at heart.

Deal With an Ex Who Fails to Follow a Court Order

If you are dealing with an errant ex who refuses to comply with a court order, you need guidance from a family law expert to prepare a motion requesting enforcement and relief. The other party will also be held in contempt of court, resulting in a new order or, in the worst-case scenario, even incarceration.

Conduct Estate Planning for Protection

Finally, a family lawyer in Townsville can help you with estate planning. This ensures that you have a will and trust in place. Thus, if you suffer an untimely death, your loved ones will be taken care of. It also ensures that all your wishes are followed even when you are gone.

Remember, if you do not execute a plan with your lawyer, your assets will have to undergo the due process of the law. Instead of your wishes, the law will determine the distribution of your assets among all your surviving relatives. Furthermore, if you have minor children, it will also impact guardianship. Therefore, it is best not to leave anything to chance.

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