5 Easy Painting Ideas for Beginner Artists

5 Easy Painting Ideas for Beginner Artists

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were forced to figure out different ways to occupy their time. Zoom quizzes and hangouts were popular for some time.

But people also took the time to learn new hobbies, like painting. It’s an activity that can range from simple to complex, depending on the materials you use and what you want to paint.

If you’re a beginner artist, it can be tricky figuring out painting ideas. You’re not sure what your skill level is, but you do want to create something.

So to give you a little push, here are five painting tips to help you get wall art with your new canvas.

  1. Start By Painting Patterns

A straightforward exercise that can get you started is painting patterns. They allow you to learn how to paint steadily while also removing creative pressure.

Take about 5 – 10 minutes when you sit down to paint and focus on a pattern you want to create. You may end up making something cool as a result.

  1. Trace Then Paint

Some people think that to be a good painter, you need to be able to draw. But that’s not entirely true. If you’re not too good at drawing, you can always trace an image and then paint it.

Tracing allows you to focus on filling that image with the colors that you want. So instead of worrying about painting it by hand, you’ll have better results because you drew the picture first.

  1. Use a Black Canvas

Sometimes it’s good to start painting with an untraditional approach. With black canvas painting, you’ll need to apply different techniques than a white canvas.

It’s used more to paint darker images, but knowing how to paint on it will increase your skill level and creativity. If you want to learn more about black canvas painting, you can read this article.

  1. Landscape Painting

Landscape painting is another creative painting idea that you can try. Think back to your childhood and when you had to draw a picture in class. I’m sure you probably drew a field with the sun and little “V” birds in the backdrop.

You can start by making those same images. It’s an excellent way to gain some experience with painting. If you want to paint a more challenging landscape, look at your surrounding area and try painting it.

  1. Paint With Random Materials

Using a brush for painting can get boring at times. So how do you switch it up? You can use random objects that you have in your home.

Run a piece of string in some paint and drag it throughout the canvas. Dip some rubber bands in paint and snap them to get colorful splashes. These are just some objects that can spark additional ideas.

Use These Painting Ideas for Your Next Creation

It can be challenging figuring out what to paint. But with the painting ideas above, you’ll have fun creating pieces while also getting better at painting. It’s a win-win.

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