5 factors that impact visitors to your dating site

Dating websites are a dime a dozen, but you need to make sure your stands out. Wondering why there are not enough visitors on your site? Or how you can get more? Certain obvious factors determine the more or less frequency of visitors on your site. The earlier you know them, they quicker you can take steps to improve. Here are the basic ones that need your attention.

1) Layout of the site

The first thing your visitors will notice is the layout of your website. Some websites are poorly designed and end up confusing the visitors. No one likes shabbily made layouts. The first and foremost factor impacting your visitors is how user-friendly your dating site is. It’s not good to make them work to find their way manoeuvring through the website clueless. The easier the layout is to understand the more likely they are to visit again and stay engaged on the site.

2) Privacy and confidentiality

Privacy is of utmost importance on a dating website, for personal reasons and safety ones too. Not everyone wishes to open up about their personal information to strangers. Your site needs to be designed in such a way that it offers an option to people for sharing or hiding their information, completely or parts of it. Giving a choice makes people feel important and in control of what is displayed to strangers. Asking for way too much personal and irrelevant information will put almost anyone off.

3) Too many ads

This goes for any site actually, more so for dating ones. If your site is filled with ads popping out from every corner and disturbing the visitors while they’re trying to have a good time, you bet they’re not going to want to come back. Ads may be important to you as the site owner but for visitors they are nothing but a nuisance, so try and keep them to a minimum while you ensure that your visitors are unbothered by them as much as possible.

4) Wordy content

If people wanted to read and read, they’d get a book. A dating website with too much written content, and not enough graphics will turn off your visitors. The site needs to be colourful, less worded, more to the point contentand a lot of fun to explore. A boring and monotonous one will only be a drag and you can most surely expect less visitors then. Keep it interesting and exciting. Constant updates are necessary; bring in the changes and let the creativity flow to keep your visitors hooked to your site.

5) Not mobile-friendly

You can’t expect people to be carrying a laptop around simply to find a date. Some websites are fantastic on a laptop or desktop but terrible over a mobile phone, making people lose interest almost instantly. Creating a mobile-friendly website will ensure people use it on the go, in traffic, or at work, basically any time they’re bored, with a single click, they’ll have fun and your website will have more traffic.

When designing a website, it is important to keep the needs of your visitors in mind. It is best to take a survey to find about what they would like to have in the website to make it run more efficiently. Dating websites can also select premium adult guest posts to improve their SEO. Surveys give you a fair idea about how well the website will be received if you adhere to the expectations of your target audience.

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