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5 Fun Airsoft Games to Play Outside This Fall

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Looking for a fun new hobby to get your adrenaline pumping and keep you on your toes?  If so, airsoft games could be the perfect solution!

Many airsoft guns don’t cost a fortune, yet the authentic look, feel, and weight of them will have you and everyone else convinced that they’re the real deal. What’s more, the best airsoft games are packed full of thrills and spills, and provide the perfect excuse for you to get some fresh air and exercise in the great outdoors.

And, since you often need problem-solving skills, coordination, and focus when playing airsoft camping games and activities, they’re an excellent way to train your brain as well.

But what are the best airsoft games for you to try? Keep reading to find out!

1. Capture the Flag

Recommended Player Count: 6 to 30 

After following the advice of Airsoft Core for all things airsoft, from gun recs to airsoft ammo tips, there’s no better way to enjoy your new equipment than with a fun game of Capture the Flag!

As one of the most classic camping games around, there’s a good chance that you already know how to play. But, even if you’re not familiar with the rules, the simple objective of having to capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your own base makes this an easy game to learn fast.

The traditional game ends when one of the two teams manages to bring the enemy flag to their base without losing their flag or having all of their players eliminated. Of course, including airsoft guns in the action makes this version a whole lot more interesting from the start. And, you can then put a whole different spin on the rules to suit the number of players you have or to make the game last a little longer.

For example, while two teams would be best for a game involving fewer players, a bigger group of people could divide up into four or six opposing teams. You could then all battle it out with the final winners being the team with the most rival flags.

An alternative idea is to have a game with just one flag at the center of the battlefield. Or, you could have an independent body place flags at random locations throughout the area, with the team capturing the most flags reigning supreme. Playing with time limits is another way to spice things up and create extra tension as you all try to beat each other and the clock.

2. Hostage Rescue

Recommended Player Count: 5 to 21

This movie-style classic game involves two opposing teams, with one playing the captors and the other playing the rescuers. You’ll also need between one and four unarmed players to act as hostages.

The purpose of the game is to liberate the hostages and take them to a designated safe area, ideally without them coming to any harm via the airsoft guns of the captors. Once the hostages are liberated, the rescuing team can give them small arms such as airsoft pistols to fight with. These weapons will help them avoid them being attacked or recaptured by the captors once the rescuers free them.

This airsoft hostage rescue game ends with either one of the two teams being eliminated, or all the surviving hostages being taken to safety. Or, should none of the hostages survive, the captors win. You can then switch the teams and see which group performs better at rescuing the hostages.

3. Secret Service

Recommended Player Count: 3 to 15

The best airsoft games allow us to live out our fantasies, from playing bad guys with no repercussions to stepping into the line of fire to protect the VIP at all costs.

This scenario offers players the chance to try out both roles, with one team taking on the role of the secret service, and the other team or player taking on the role of the assassin or terrorist team. But, whether you’re tasked with escorting the VIP to safety or your main objective is to assassinate the VIP target, the stakes don’t get much higher than a round of this tense airsoft game.

The game ends if either the assassin or terrorist team kills the VIP, or if the secret service team succeeds in killing every member of the terrorist faction. The game is more interesting if both the secret service team and the terrorist team have the same number of members. That said, if you have a limited number of players and a more seasoned airsoft player among you, giving this skilled shooter the role of the assassin also makes for an exciting cops and robbers-style shootout game.

Here, the secret service team would need to hunt down the assassin and kill him while also striving to protect their VIP, ensuring that all players are put to the test both physically and mentally. But to make the situation more interesting and the odds more favorable for the assassin, we’d recommend giving the assassin a five to 10-minute start. Or, you might want to consider playing this game after dark to put your sharpest shooter’s skills to the test.

4. War Reenactments 

Recommended Player Count: 20 to 100

Reenacting historical battles is another fun way to add more immersion to your airsoft games beyond the scripts of movies and into the realms of real-life while also satisfying your inner history buff.

Finding the right gear, including authentic army uniforms, helmets, and the like, can sometimes be a challenge. But, if you’re keen on creating a realistic scenario, these can be the icing on the cake when creating a true war reenactment situation for you all to enjoy. What’s more, if you want to recreate one of the more popular war reenactment themes, such as World War II or the Vietnam War, finding quality uniforms, airsoft guns, and airsoft ammo is a lot easier than for more obscure or historic battles.

There’s also the option of putting your own makeshift uniforms together with camo pants and a khaki jacket. While these may not be the most authentic war reenactment clothes, completing the scenario with airsoft guns from the right period can help create a more realistic atmosphere for you all to take part in.

From there, you can then replay a historical battle scenario, or you can always set your own missions depending on the number of players and your specific preferences.

5. Battle Royale

Recommended Player Count: 10 to 100

If you’re a fan of video games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fornite, this kind of all-out survival game is the perfect way to earn your airsoft stripes.

With no teams and every player fending for themselves, the rules are simple: kill or be killed. Once you’ve been shot by an airsoft gun, you’re eliminated and will have to leave the field. The last person standing then wins the game.

Of course, you’ll need to start the game with a no-shoot rule for five to 10 minutes. Otherwise, everyone will be shooting each other as soon as the horn goes off and no one will have time to hide or run for cover. This delay will make things more interesting as the players will have more chances to consider escape routes, find vantage points, and think of other ways to survive to the end.

Another option is to start proceedings off with the weapons located in the center of the arena in a Hunger Games-style twist. Players will then have to consider their strategy and tactics with more care as a way to come out on top. This could mean forming alliances as the players did in the movies, both for protection and to join together to eliminate stronger shooters.

That said, we’d recommend a lower player count for this option as 100 players rushing toward the center could get dangerous. Instead, only consider this spin on the Battle Royale format if you have less than 25 players in the game.

Fun Airsoft Games to Play This Fall

Whether you’re reenacting historical scenarios, fighting for your life in a free-for-all battle royale, or playing a next-level game of cops and robbers, the best thing about airsoft games is how flexible the rules and gameplay can be.

And this fall is the ideal time to take your airsoft ammo and guns out for a spin. After all, what better way to add a new dimension to campfire meals and sleeping under the stars than with airsoft camping games in the great outdoors?!

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