5 Harmful Habits That Can Break a Long-distance Relationship

More or less happy relationships are based on certain components, such as compatibility (psychological, physiological, emotional, etc.), a common worldview, and preferably common geography. But it often happens that a couple has to live in two cities or countries, or a guy and a girl get to know each other at a distance and these relationships begin to develop.

Of course, there are couples for whom even a year of relationship at a distance is not a hindrance. But this is more the exception than the rule. Often, couples make typical mistakes at the crisis stage of long-distance relationships.

1.   Misunderstanding

In any relationship, 70-80% of the information people receive is not verbal. In a long-distance relationship, it turns out that you lose up to 80% of information about each other. Communication should be clear and understandable because, without it, your relationship is doomed to fail. Sometimes you will feel like you and your partner aren’t talking enough, or, conversely, your partner needs to call to Nigeria using Yolla too often — both are not good indicators of a healthy relationship. A reasonable balance is key, so to avoid misunderstandings, you and your partner must communicate properly with each other.

2.   Jealousy

It’s okay to feel it sometimes, as long as it doesn’t become a real problem. If you are constantly jealous of your loved one, then there is a very high chance that this feeling will take over your thinking and make you do irrational things. For example, calling your partner every hour or forbidding him or her to go out with anyone at all. So, never give in to jealousy. Trust your partner and don’t think about imaginary problems.

3.   Loneliness

Loneliness is an old friend that comes to everyone from time to time, but in a relationship at a distance, it is especially hard to survive. There will be times when loneliness will bother you because your partner is not with you. There are many reasons for it. It may arise because you and your partner live in different time zones, so when he or she sleeps, you are awake and have breakfast. It can also be due to a busy work schedule because even if the two of you are in a relationship, you are still two different people. Or it could even be one of the simplest reasons — you just miss your partner.

4.   Time

Sometimes, people living at a distance are so immersed in their lives that they forget to spend time with their partners. Other people are so busy with their careers that they forget to make time for their loved ones. Unfortunately, this happens not only to couples but also to families and friends.

5.   Trust issues

There are cases when people are just starting their relationship and do not have time to establish trust, and they already have to live at a distance. There are even cases when a person falls in love with someone they met on the internet. Lack of communication and distance between two people can cause distrust.

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