5 Key Things to Look For in a Tree Removal Service

5 Key Things to Look For in a Tree Removal Service

There are over 185,000 tree removal companies in the United States as of 2021.

This booming industry speaks volumes to the importance of the tree care industry. A tree professional is one of the most valuable associates you can hire in the middle of an emergency.

Tree removal service is necessary when a tree is dead, diseased, or poses a safety hazard. Professional tree removal companies have the expertise and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees while minimizing damage to surrounding property. They also typically offer stump removal and cleanup services for a complete solution.

Falling branches or trees can cause serious damage to your home, your property, and even your family. But there is more to tree removal service than meets the eye.

In this article we will review five factors to keep in mind when seeking a tree professional to work with. Read on for more information.

1. Price

Insurance and licensure are two obvious things to look for when selecting a tree professional, so we will not be covering those topics.

However, perhaps the next most obvious point to cover is the price. Unless you have extremely limited options, shopping around for quotes is the best way to ensure you are not overpaying for services.

But keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. A variety of factors go into selecting the right tree removal expert. So if the cheapest option is lacking in licensing and experience, they may not be the company you want to work with.

2. Timing

Another important factor that goes into your decision of selecting a tree removal expert will be the timing.

If you are under a time crunch to have work done, a business’s availability will most certainly affect your willingness to work with them. The reality of many tree removal companies is that they have work booked out months in advance. Keep this in mind as you begin your search.

3. Safety

You do not want any accidents happening on your property. That is why it is imperative that any tree professional take the proper precautions in keeping their team and your family safe during the tree removal process.

Safety precautions, like OSHA standards, should be obviously stated on the business’s website. And they should be able to answer any questions you have about safety at any time.

4. Equipment

You do not want someone showing up at your house with an axe to remove a huge tree next to your house.

Tree removal should happen smoothly, and the right equipment speaks volumes of the professionalism of a company. Websites like have plenty of pictures of their equipment. This gives you a sense of the company’s capabilities before you decide to hire them.

5. Terms

When do you need to pay? Is a deposit required? Does the company demand money upfront?

If you encounter any situation in which a tree removal service asks for payment upfront, run far away. This is a huge red flag that the company is scamming you. Some tree professionals may be able to con individuals out of a payment and never return to complete the job.

Ask about payment terms upfront so you know what to expect.

Hire the Right Tree Professional

Now that you have five great tips for hiring a tree professional, it is time to get to work! The right tree removal company can help you get back to enjoying your yard without worrying about the safety of your home.

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