5 Local SEO Tips You Don’t Want to Miss


If you’re looking for local SEO tips to help your site ranking, you’ve come to the right place. From customer reviews to using local information on your site, we’ve rounded up a few key SEO tips that will help get your website noticed.

With some much competition out there, your website is the place to set your business apart. To help you navigate it all, we’ve rounded up a few easy changes to discuss with your local SEO Glasgow expert. Let’s jump in and get your ranking higher.

  1. Use a Google Business Account

To get their site noticed, many businesses use a Google Business account. An SEO set up by Inner Spark Creative can help you create your account and get your site noticed.

What helps boost a Google Business account is the data it pulls into Google about your business. Your location, numbers, address, and hours, for example, are all added to Google’s SEO in Winston Salem NC panels and maps.

  1. Get Real Reviews from Customers

There’s nothing more effective than a real review from a happy customer. Customer reviews on your site are packed with local information that improves your ranking. People want to see happy customers with real experiences with you or your business.

To help grow your local SEO, consider adding a review and ranking component to your app, online delivery, or email database. Anytime someone places an order or uses your services, they’ll find it easy to send you a local review afterward.

  1. Prep Your Site for Voice Search

Voice search is here to stay. If your site isn’t ready for it, now is the time. Optimizing your site for voice search means using phrases people would say into their phones or voice-activated devices.

Not only are you using keywords and phrases that are commonly typed, but you’ll also want to optimize for voice. Consider what people would say to search or how they would find your site.

  1. Use Local Events and News for Content

Adding local news and events is a great way to boost your local SEO. People can find great local information right on your site.

Local news is a nice way to gain organic local traffic. It also helps boost your site’s local credibility. Use the name of your town or neighborhood as often as possible to boost your results.

  1. Double-Check Your Local Listing or Contact Page

An easy way to boost your SEO is to update your contact pages. This should include your locations page, about us page, and your contact information.

The more places you include your local locations and information the better. Google Maps can easily track your business when it’s repeated throughout the pages.

Local SEO Tips 101

Navigating the world of SEO is tricky on your own. To help boost your site’s rankings, we’ve rounded up some local SEO tips and easy to add changes.

Bring home your customers by utilizing local maps, phrases, and reviews. For more SEO resources, check out our business section.

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