5 Marijuana Strains You Have to Try in 2023

5 Marijuana Strains You Have to Try in 2023

While the many different strain names make the weed culture charming, consumers can find it confusing. Since no official historic recorded weed names exist, getting a can pose a significant challenge. 

Marijuana has a long history of prohibition in most countries and a lack of accountability, leaving the naming mostly to breeders. Other factors affecting weed naming are crossbreeding bag appeal and weed marketing. 

Whether you are a newbie or experienced stoner, see below the marijuana strains you must try in 2023. 

Blue Dream

Any old stoner must have interacted with this classic Sativa-dominant strain. Though it fell out of favor with time, the Blue Dream was due to demand!

The strain originates from Santa Cruz and California. It is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Blueberry. Though potent, Blue Dream offers a balanced uplifting high, an equal mix of body and head change. Blue Dream dormant terpenes are Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene. Experts refer to it as a balanced bud, offering energizing, soothing and inflammation-busting properties. Also check reviews like Stiiizy’s blue dream review to see what other users say about their experience. 

You will experience relaxing and uplifting effects from this Sativa-Dominant strain.

Durban Poison 

The 100 percent Sativa strain is originally from South Africa. Duban Poison is a fascinating starin’ gaining popularity for its high THC-V makeup. While different people experience varying effects when using weed, Duban Poison has highly intoxicating effects. Many describe the effect as weederall.

Besides the high intoxicating effects of high THC percentages, the Durban Poison gives the user energizing properties. Other users claim that the strain has appetite-curbing effects, which is great for people on a weight loss journey. If you want a buzz, consider this strain. However, Durban Poison is not recommended if you are anxious or want to relax.


Just like the name, this cannabis strain smells and tastes great. It is characterized by sweet, citrusy, and yeasty astringent. Mimosa is a sativa-dorminant variety derived from Clementine and Purple Punch. The Mimosa strain was first cultivated at Symbiotic Genetics growers in 2018 by a breeder based in California. 

Since it has an uplifting and energizing effect, Mimosa is the best morning or daytime weed. The yeast and citrus flavored strain is perfect for the wake and bake.


Runtz is a rare variety. It is a cross between Gelato and a hotly claimed strain called Zkittlez. The taste is fruity and sweet that Runtz will easily pass for a packet of candy. While the original cuts are very guarded, this is a popular strain on dispensary shelves today. Cannabis medical use is increasing as several types of research prove that some marijuana strains is safe and effective as medicine.

This particular strain is great for relieving depression symptoms as the user experiences a fun body high. 

Apple Fritter

Like its name, Apple Fritter has a sweet and earthy smell and taste. Lumpy Flowers originally cultivated this hybrid cross of Animal Cookies and Sour Apple. The strain borrows its couch-lock physical look from its parents. 

Expect simultaneous energy after use, thanks to the Apple Fritters diesel genetics. It is a hybrid type with a sweet earthy flavor that anyone can enjoy. The Apple Fritter will help you socialize and relax after use.


Cannabis has a rich history

Cannabis has a rich history. It has evolved significantly and is subject to intense research and heated debates. There are many milestones in medicine, though, as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America continues to approve pill-form cannabis for medical conditions.

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