5 Meaningful Celtic Gifts

5 Meaningful Celtic Gifts

These are the days to go out and buy a very special gift for a special loved one. All you need to know is what they appreciate and crave. All you need to do is look up some info on the gift receiver.

If you’re stumped on what to buy, you’re reading the right article. Learn here about the options you have when searching for meaningful Celtic gifts. Read along to learn more!

1. Irish Claddagh Rings

If you are going to buy jewelry like this, the ring is typically made of silver and sometimes gold, and features two hands joined together encircling a crowned heart. The hands symbolize friendship, the crown loyalty, and the heart love.

This combination of the three is meant to reflect the love between two partners, family members, or friends, and they signify the wearer’s commitment to that person. If you’re going to purchase jewelry, with a long history, dating back to Roman times, today they remain a popular choice for couples and friends to show appreciation and reinforce their relationships. 

2. Celtic Design Earrings

The unique and intricate designs combined with beautiful gems, metals, and stones make these earrings an attractive option for anyone looking for a unique fashion statement. Celtic’s influence is typically seen in knot designs, interwoven themes and designs, and traditional Irish art. 

It can typically be found in natural materials such as silver and gold, as well as stones and gems such as Emeralds, Garnets, Amethysts, and many more. These stylish and unique earrings are perfect for making a statement and can be worn for a variety of occasions and events. 

3. Celtic Cross

It has four segments, the circle, a Latin cross, the arms of the cross, and the symbol of eternity. In some designs, a spiral is inside the circle, symbolizing eternal life and the four branches of Celtic spirits. It is commonly used as a symbol of faith, religion, and spirituality.

It has also become a popular symbol of Celtic culture and heritage. The meaning of the cross varies from person to person and from culture to culture but it holds a special place in the hearts of those who embrace its symbolism and who view it as a reminder of a greater truth.

4. Claddagh Bracelets

It consists of two hands clasping a heart, with a crown over the heart. The hands represent friendship, the heart symbolizes love, and the crown stands for loyalty.

Historically, the Claddagh bracelet is associated with loyalty and fidelity, as it symbolizes that a person is taken. In modern times, it is believed to carry good luck and as a sign of commitment to a relationship.

5. Celtic Tree of Life Necklace

This symbolizes the strong connection between nature and humanity. It is an iconic symbol that’s believed to possess powerful energies to bring luck, good health, and wisdom. The ancient Celts believed that this tree of life necklace symbolized the link between land and sky and the never-ending circle of life. 

Get These Celtic Gifts Today

Meaningful Celtic gifts not only provide a wonderful way to show your Irish heritage but can also make beautiful additions to any home or office. With a variety of options available, you’ll be sure to find something that is perfect. Shop today and find that perfect Irish souvenir.

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