5 Perfect Omnichannel Marketing Strategy Using Real Estate CRM

Technology has evolved the way Real Estate functions, especially since the pandemic hit the globe. Back in the day, most of the property deals that went down involved a lot of calling, personal interactions and meetings with the homebuyer. However, with the increasing popularity of Real Estate CRM, omnichannel marketing strategy has made it possible to seal a deal through various communication channels that aren’t necessarily face-to-face with the homebuyer.

This article explores what omnichannel communication is in Real Estate CRM, and some strategies you can employ to improve your business.

Why Is Omnichannel Marketing Important?

A research outlines that 64% of the customers expect real-time assistance with their queries, customer-service channel notwithstanding. If a Real Estate business is not equipped with omnichannel marketing, it is on its path to reduced customer retention, according to this very statistic.

Gone are the days when marketing was a linear function where businesses used to float advertisements and wait for the customers to turn up.

Today, marketing a property is a dynamic exercise that sensitively monitors consumer response to the information published. The best way to effectively gauge consumer inclinations and maximise leads is to establish as many points of contact as possible with the consumer. Whether it be through SMS, emails, social media, telephony, VoIP or chats, businesses today can stay in touch with their consumers through various media.

Omnichannel marketing enables a Real Estate business to:

  • Exponentially increase the outreach of any business’s marketing campaigns. Publishing the information of your properties across various channels ensures that your advertisement reaches as many people as possible. It even becomes possible to pitch a business’s properties to institutions and establishments through tapping social media.
  • Generate more leads through omni channel communication strategy. Giving consumers the option to get in touch with a business through any channel they view an advertisement on is a great convenience. It improves consumer call-back and increases the volume of queries. When an advertisement goes live on various internet/offline channels, it immediately starts getting viewed by diverse consumer pools. In this manner, the leads that don’t exist on one channel can be touched through a different medium, ensuring wider dispersal of a marketing campaign.
  • Omnichannel marketing helps a Real Estate business to retain their customers for longer. Stats say that 91% of the companies that employ omnichannel marketing systems see a boost in customer retention year on year. One of the most effective offline channels for omnichannel marketing in real estate is leaflet and flyer distribution services. These offering allow real estate businesses to reach a large and diverse audience, increase brand awareness, and generate leads.
  • A business is able to boost customer satisfaction through improved and customised interactions with customer-care executives using omnichannel communication networks.

Role of Real Estate CRM in Marketing: Omnichannel Features

Real Estate CRM is already changing the way this industry functions – it is becoming more efficient and automated. Handling customer queries and requests is one part that this software is tuned to accomplish. Since consumers are used to switching devices and channels they use to get in touch with a business, it is important for the business to be available on each channel the consumer expects. Through a CRM software, it is possible to unify communication across all channels onto one user interface that can be used to respond to the consumer.

With Sell.Do, an exclusive CRM software, a business gets access to the following features of omnichannel marketing strategy:

  • Sell.Do enables a business to connect its telephony system to the CRM software, enabling logging and recording of calls on its database. This helps collect user data and  analyse consumer information to glean insights on improving sales strategy.
  • With Sell.Do, get support for all sorts of phone numbers – whether national or international, landline or mobile phones. This feature unlocks new possibilities for pre-sales calls for a business, not having to worry about telephony protocol.
  • Sell.Do offers a business the functionality of bulk SMS, automated SMS marketing, WhatsApp messaging, email marketing and so much more! Set up drip and trigger email campaigns, automated responses on WhatsApp and unlock a new way to engage with leads.

5 Strategies For Omnichannel Marketing

Plan Consumer Experience

Through an exclusive CRM software, a business can get access to the channels its consumers frequently visit. Through leveraging the omnichannel features, a business can seamlessly integrate the engagement journey across all the channels its hottest leads traverse through, thus facilitating conversion.

Make Use of Collected Data

A CRM software has tons of consumer data stored in its database. Businesses can analyse this data to understand consumer preferences and establish omni channel communication strategies, based on customised solutions, to engage a customer at the right touchpoint that ensures call-backs.

Divide and Engage

CRM software has at its fingertips a whole bag of consumer information that helps a business categorise its audience based on their behaviour. This, in turn, can be leveraged effectively to design an omnichannel marketing strategy that is suitable for each category of consumers, ensuring maximum outreach and minimum no-responses.

Hit The Bullseye Each Time

CRM software stores historical data on each consumer a business interacts with. This empowers a business with context on each consumer, enabling it to use omni channel communication strategy backed with relevant information. Create the right SMS, discounts, offers and schemes and send them to the right consumers through omnichannel marketing.


While all tools and tackles add to the skill pool of a business, if a CRM and its omni channel capabilities are not used consistently, and at the right time, marketing may not be as effective, it is important to be consistent and dedicated when it comes to dealing with consumers.


Consumers today expect businesses to be available on channels that they think are convenient for them. Businesses, thus, must mould their operations around consumer convenience; this is where being present across all the possible media of outreach really pays off.

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