5 Pro Nail Painting Tips to You Need to Try

The average price for professional, acrylic nails in US cities like Chicago is $50. They need replacing every six to eight weeks, so you could be shelling out $300 to $400 every year on manicures.

If you are saving up for a vacation or house, doing your nails at home is a great way to save money. All you need is some essential nail painting tips and nail health advice so your claws won’t look homemade.

Not convinced you know how to paint nails as well as a professional nail technician? Read these tips and you’re sure to change your mind!

1. Don’t Skip the Base and Top Coats

When you apply nail varnish to your own nails, it can be tempting to skip all the steps that your manicurist takes. But you shouldn’t! The steps are there to help make your manicure last longer and your nails look better.

So, invest in a clear base coat polish to apply before your color polish and a top coat polish to apply afterward.

Base coats stop the color polish from staining your nail and nourishes the nail. Top coats protect your nails from chipping and give them a nice shine.

2. Use a Nail Primer Before Painting

One of the best nail painting tips that anyone could give you is to use a nail primer before applying any polish. It “dehydrates” your nail, removing any moisture or oil from the surface so your polish sticks better.

It is a must when applying acrylic nails because, without it, there’s a good chance the nails will fall off.

3. Look After Your Nail Health

You could have the best nail painting technique in the world, but nothing will hide shabby and untidy natural nails.

Shape your nails with a nail file and use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles before applying polish. Give them a good scrub with a nail brush and treat them to cuticle oil, too.

4. Shape Your Acrylic Nails

Paying attention to the little details will make your manicures look more professional.

For example, if you prefer using acrylic nails, don’t forget to shape them using a strong nail file after you apply them. It will help your nails look custom, professional, and like you know what you’re doing!

5. Invest in Nail Art Stick-Ons

Drawing your own nail designs can be difficult for beginners. Start easy by trying nail art stick-on patterns first.

Paint your nails a creamy white color and apply a gold leaf effect sticker over one corner of each of your nails. Or, paint them pink and apply a red heart sticker to the center of your ring finger.

There are so many stickers and designs available, so get creative!

Use These Nail Painting Tips for Professional, Polished Nails

Enjoying professional-looking nails that you did at home is 100% possible with these nail painting tips. Keep practicing your nail art, don’t skip any steps, and you will have such beautiful nails you won’t remember why you ever went to the salon!

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