5 Pro Tips for Breathtaking Aerial Drone Photography

5 Pro Tips for Breathtaking Aerial Drone Photography

So you’re looking to get into drone photography, but you don’t know where to start.

Now what?

Before you grab your drone and pretend you know what you’re doing, read this quick guide for taking breathtaking photos. These 5 tips will help you take better aerial drone photography, and make you a pro in no time.

  1. Know your Drone

Know what your drone is capable of and how to operate it. As both a drone operator and photographer, you will be pulling double duty when it comes to operating your drone.

As a pilot, familiarize yourself with how your drone works. Get a feel for how it handles. Do a few test flights before you decide to start shooting aerial drone photography.

As a photographer, understand camera settings. Learn what manual settings are best for your lighting situation or for capturing movement.

  1. Follow the Rule of Thirds

For good photography, understand the rule of thirds. This composition guideline is easy to follow and will elevate your photography.

Think of each image as being divided into thirds using two horizontal and vertical lines. In other words, an imaginary grid of 9 equal parts.

Place key elements of your shot composition along these lines or at the intersection of these lines. This creates focal points and can help guide eye flow, directing the viewer’s attention.

When taking aerial photos you can use the rule of thirds to help compose better shots for yourself or your clients. It’s a simple way to make any photo more interesting.

  1. Check the Forecast

This tip goes along with knowing your drone and camera settings. Check the forecast in advance of your shoot and know what the weather conditions will be like.

Assessing the weather is about more than checking if the day will be rain or shine. It’s also important to check the wind speeds so you can safely fly your drone. Otherwise, you risk damaging or even losing your drone.

It’s also good for checking visibility, so you know in advance if you can capture those landscape images you had planned.

  1. Scout Your Location in Advance

Arrive early at your destination and scout the area in advance. Bring extra batteries. Fly around for a bit and look for potentially interesting shots.

Look for eye-catching colors, contrasts, and patterns. This can be easier depending on your location.

  1. Hire a Drone Operator

In some cases, you may want to hire a professional drone operator. This is especially useful if you need professional-looking aerial photography for your business. The insurance, construction, real estate, and entertainment industries are all industries that often require the use of aerial photography.

In these cases, Drone Videos can make your aerial photos and videos look professional. Good aerial photos can sell a property.

In the entertainment industry, time is of the essence. Good aerial photos and videos can enhance a scene.

Aerial Drone Photography Is a New Art Form 

Aerial drone photography may be a relatively new art form, but with these tips and some practice, you will be on your way to creating better art. Monitor your progress and see how much you improve over time. Have fun trying out your drone photography and don’t neglect the chance to address the top photo retouching services to make your bird-view images look stunning.

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