5 Reasons Gender Neutral Names Are a Great Idea for Your Baby

5 Reasons Gender Neutral Names Are a Great Idea for Your Baby

Are you expecting an upcoming new addition to your family?

Regardless of the gender of your upcoming child, you may want to consider a gender neutral name for your bundle of joy.

Here’s why gender neutral names are a great choice for your upcoming baby.

1. Gender Neutral Names Can Help Your Child Get Ahead

Unfortunately, there tends to be some bias, both conscious and unconscious, towards names based on their gender. These can be particularly pronounced in the world of employment, where female-sounding names on a resume won’t get a phone call.

A gender neutral name can help offset this problem. If people can’t discern a gender from your child’s name, they’re less likely to make assumptions based on gender before meeting your child. That can help your child out throughout their life!

2. Gender Neutral Names Are More Modern

While some classic names can be cute, a lot of them tend to feel stuffy and stuck in the mud. Most gender neutral names have a cutting, edgy feel. Some of the cool gender neutral names you might want to consider for your child include the following:

  • Parker, Hunter, and other -er names
  • Dakota
  • Blair
  • Rowan, Evan, and -an names
  • Addison, Emerson, Jackson, and names that end in -son
  • Bailey

Of course, if you’re looking for something classic and gender neutral, there are still options out there for you! Jamie, Alex, Taylor, Cameron and Jordan, for example, are both common, classic names that are often used for boys or for girls.

3. Gender Neutral Names Make Nicknames Easier

Many names have nicknames that are gender neutral, like Charlie, Andy, or Danny. To avoid confusion, you might as well give your child the gender neutral nickname in the first place, right?

That way, they won’t have to correct their teacher every time someone calls for attendance. Giving your child the nickname you intend to call them can make their lives a lot easier in the long run.

4. Gender Isn’t Set

Ultimately, while your child may be assigned a gender at birth, that gender may not fit how they identify in the end. Your child may identify as trans or gender non-binary as they grow older.

Having one of the many unique gender neutral names out there will allow your child to feel comfortable with their name, regardless of what gender they end up identifying with – if they identify with a specific gender at all.

5. Why Not?

Really, you should be choosing a name that you like and that you feel suits your child. If that name happens to be a gender neutral name, then what’s the problem?

It all depends on what sounds good to you, your partner, and, ultimately your child.

Gender Neutral Names Are Just the Start

Now that you know the benefits of gender neutral names, you’ll have to pick what specific name works for your child!

Looking for more information when it comes to your family? Make sure you read the rest of this blog for more.

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