5 Rewarding Benefits of Moving to San Diego

5 Rewarding Benefits of Moving to San Diego

If you were to ask a lot of people where their dream place to live would be, most would probably say to live in California.

A lot of people do this in reality, with the state having the highest population of any in the country.

When thinking of California, people may think of Los Angeles or San Francisco first. But a slightly more underrated option may be moving to San Diego.

What are the perks of living in San Diego? These are five of the most notable.

  1. Good Weather

Let’s start with the weather. San Diego is a city that gets arguably some of the most comfortable year-round weather in the entire country.

The average monthly temperature in the city never falls below 50 degrees and never climbs higher than 80 degrees. Very few parts of the country can claim that, so you can always feel warm enough to walk around outside and never cold enough to need something heavier than a light jacket and pants.

  1. Outdoor Activities

With the climate being particularly friendly comes the benefit of being able to do more activities on a year-round basis. Some activities in San Diego include swimming in the ocean, surfing, riding a bike or scooter around the city, hiking in places like Balboa Park or the Torrey Pines State Reserve, plus general jogging and running.

For the latter, there are condos in the La Jolla CA neighborhood that can put you a stone’s throw away from a good hike.

The best part about these activities is because of the climate, they can be done generally any time of the year instead of cramming all of the activity into one short season.

  1. Being Near Another Country 

If you want a little adventure in your life, you can use San Diego as a base to go across the US border entirely. San Diego is within 30 minutes of the US-Mexico border and is only a 35-minute drive to Tijuana.

So, you can expose yourself to an entirely different culture and language, or perhaps even have a wild party in Tijuana, and ideally be back home before supper because you are so close of a drive to it all.

  1. Entertainment

As a decent-sized city in the United States, San Diego does not fall short on entertainment. Animal lovers and families can visit the San Diego Zoo, one of the more famous zoos in America.

This audience that wants a little adrenaline rush can also go to SeaWorld San Diego. Baseball fans and ballpark chasers can take in a Padres game, and golf fans can try to book a round of golf at Torrey Pines.

  1. Good Education

For families considering this city, they will probably want what is best for their kids. Well, San Diego stands out here when it comes to getting a good education because the city lands in the Top 20 in the country when it comes to public education.

Consider Moving to San Diego 

These are just five of the benefits you would have moving to San Diego. If you like consistent weather with good entertainment, outdoor activities, and opportunities for your kids, then this city is for you.

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