5 Sneaky Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

The Almost Complete and True Bitcoin Story

Do you want to get free Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an attractive cryptocurrency because of its current value and reliability. A lot of experts believe the Bitcoin price will remain consistent over the years.

As a beginner, investing in Bitcoin trading may be too much. However, you have lots of ways to earn free Bitcoin on the internet. Read on as we discuss some surefire ways now:

1. Bitcoin Faucets

These are platforms rewarding users with free crypto after completing specific tasks. The tasks can be anything, such as:

  • Typing CAPTCHA
  • Playing games
  • Answering quizzes
  • Taking surveys
  • Watching ads

Faucets will award Satoshi whenever you complete a task. It is the smallest Bitcoin unit, equal to about a hundred-millionth of a BTC. Completing these tasks can be tedious, but the websites guarantee their rewards.

The best part is more and more legal websites appear daily. However, each platform requires specific withdrawal limits. It is usually at 10,000 satoshi—an amount a beginner cannot earn quickly.

2. Wallet Promotions and Airdrops

Wallet software houses and transfers coins using a peer-to-peer setting. Owning a wallet seems complex, but all you need to do is download the software.

Countless crypto wallets are available online. Many of these platforms offer free coins for downloading the software, signing up for an account, or making a new wallet within an existing account. Always be vigilant for free coin offers since they only last for a short while.

Aside from these sign-up bonuses, wallets sometimes offer airdrops. It allows you to earn free crypto using a specific wallet. If you have an existing wallet, request the airdrop through various channels like social media platforms.

A lot of wallet options exist online. However, always be careful since some of these are malware scams. They usually offer lucrative promotions to entice you to download infected files.

Search Google for the most trustworthy and secure wallets online. Look at their reviews and ensure they offer ease of use and high-tier security.

3. Join Affiliate Programs

The majority of crypto exchanges offer referral programs. All you need is to join a Bitcoin affiliate program to start promoting their services. Regardless of your platform, you will get a referral link to share on social media.

You can also use the link if you have a website or run an ad campaign. Whenever someone signs up or makes transactions, you will get a commission.

Affiliate marketing programs are effective when you have an online following. You get a passive commission when your friend refers the link to other people to get paid. This Tiered Referral System lets you build a trading network.

Take note, the commission per sale varies between merchants. However, a large following ensures a sizable income stream.

4. Bitcoin Games

A lot of games enable you to get Bitcoin for free. A prime example is Rollercoin, a platform with ten simple games. These are familiar, easy, and interesting enough to complete.

Rollercoin credits you with power even when you do not complete tasks. It allows you to simulate crypto mining within the game.

Here are other popular Bitcoin games to try:

Spells of Genesis

This free card arcade game is compatible with both PC and macOS devices. It has collectibles stored within the Ethereum blockchain. You can exchange them for Bitcoins.

EOS Knight

You can play this Bitcoin game on smartphones or browsers. It is a knightly saga with various collectibles. The EOS blockchain stores these, but you can exchange them using smart contracts.

Altcoin Fantasy

An educational platform, Altcoin Fantasy teaches you how to trade Bitcoin while earning money. It gives you virtual points tradeable to digital coins. Its interface looks like real exchanges.

Another reason to delve into Altcoin Fantasy is its various trading contests. If you manage to take a prize, you can claim a Bitcoin reward. The best part is it’s free and runs on both Android and iOS systems.


You can receive free Satoshi every three minutes from this platform. Play games and watch the ads shown in between. Like Bitcoin faucets, BitFun has a 10,000-satoshi minimum withdrawal limit.

5. Gambling in Bitcoin Casinos

If you already have some Bitcoin to spare, a great way to increase them is to gamble. A lot of Bitcoin casinos exist online, and earning crypto is straightforward. Deciding to risk your hard-earned free Bitcoin to try your luck means finding the best Bitcoin casinos around.

A trustworthy online gambling site knows their house edge can earn enough profit. They will always prove they have no means of manipulating their results. When looking for a platform to gamble, check whether they use mathematical algorithms with cryptography.

These fair casinos will show how the game results are random. It puts your mind at ease, knowing you have a chance of winning a jackpot. Some of these platforms offer free Bitcoins now and then.

Honorable Mention: Write About Bitcoin

Are you a content writer? If cryptocurrencies interest you, consider becoming a crypto journalist.

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly growing. As it evolves, more news and information websites become necessary to inform potential investors. These sites need writers since they publish dozens of guides every week.

Submitting quality work allows you to earn a consistent Bitcoin revenue stream. Look at the Jobs section on your favorite crypto websites. Some sites allow you to email them about writing opportunities.

Before applying for a writing job, make some sample articles. Most publications will request these to ascertain your skills.

Earn Free Bitcoin Now

These are some easy ways to earn free Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency market is thriving, meaning you have loads of opportunities. Never limit yourself to these methods since you might find better ways to get free Bitcoin.

However, earning Bitcoin is faster when you invest. Study how to make the most out of your portfolio and avoid risking everything.

Did you find this guide helpful? If so, please consider checking out our other articles for more valuable tips and tricks today.

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