5 Things To Know About The Health Benefits Of Protein Powders

5 Things To Know About The Health Benefits Of Protein Powders

Australia ranked high in the world rankings of modern-day Olympic games. As of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the country is at the eighth spot in the global rankings. Aside from the exceptional physical training, experts from Sports Dietitians Australia believe that Australia’s best protein powders helped shape the country’s world-class athletes.

But consuming the daily recommended protein allowance is not limited to athletes or gym enthusiasts. It is also important for all people to improve their immune systems. In addition, this nutrient can also help vital organs to function properly. Aside from helping boost athletic performances, here are several health benefits that people can get from consuming protein powders regularly.

Weight Management 

Consuming protein-rich foods and drinking supplements allow people to feel full and satiated longer. If they do not feel hungry, they will start eating food in smaller portions. It will also help them avoid frequent snacking. As a result, it will help people lose extra pounds or maintain their ideal weight.

Based on a 2017 review, diets supplemented with whey protein, one of Australia’s best protein powders, might assist in reducing body weight and overall fat mass in individuals who are overweight or dealing with obesity. They can do this by substituting one of their meals with a serving of a healthy protein shake.

Reduce Blood Pressure 

Hypertension, caused by high blood pressure, is considered one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases. But several studies claimed that whey protein powders could significantly reduce the blood pressure levels of the body.

According to a previous study, whey proteins come with ACE inhibitors known as lactokinesis. It reportedly has plenty of beneficial effects on the blood pressure level. Another study discovered that overweight individuals experienced reduced systolic blood pressure by 4% after taking whey protein supplements for 12 weeks. It means regular whey protein powder consumption can lower a person’s risk of having elevated blood pressure levels.

Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes 

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s 2017-2018 National Health Survey, 1.2 million Australians have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes affects the majority of these patients.

Studies suggested including whey protein supplements like protein powders to moderate the blood sugar level to avoid this disease and reduce the risk of all the complications that come with it. Individuals must consume the protein supplements before or together with high-carb meals. It should also be combined with a proper diet and regular exercises or other physical activities for a healthier lifestyle.

Helps Boost Body’s Antioxidant Defences 

A high level of antioxidants is necessary to help the body reduce its oxidative stress and lower the risk of different chronic illnesses. One of the key antioxidants needed by the body is glutathione. The body usually produces it from its amino acid supply, particularly cysteine. But the body usually has a limited supply of cysteine, which makes it inadequate to create enough antioxidants.

By consuming high-cysteine foods like whey protein supplements, the body can boost its natural antioxidant levels. As a result, it can help protect the cells from free radicals that may cause many diseases like cancer.

Promote Muscle Growth 

As people age, their muscle mass naturally declines. As a result, it will lead to fat gain and boost the risk of acquiring different chronic diseases. But these natural changes can be slowed or prevented with the help of strength training and proper diet.

Regular consumption of foods rich in protein can be a good strategy to boost muscle growth. But if the individual has to control the calorie consumption, replacing a meal with Australia’s best protein powders could be the best idea.

Protein powders and other protein supplements will continue to be a part of the regular nutrition of an Australian athlete. But individuals who want to remain healthy and tip-top shape can also invest in these supplements for better health.

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