5 things you need to know about Halo Infinite Multiplayer game

The Role of the Artist in Game Design

One of the most exciting games that was released in the year of 2021 was Halo Infinite that managed to impress a lot of gamers worldwide including the game critics. Halo Infinite developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios is the sixth instalment of the Halo Series and by far the best that has been launched so far. The game has plenty to offer with the highlight being the moment to moment gameplay which gives a tough competition to that of Apex Legends and Destiny 2.

Halo Infinite is truly a modern game that does not forget its roots and offers first person shooter mechanics in a multiplayer setting. The main character of the game is a human super soldier called Master Chief and the game is based on his adventures and fight against the enemy known as Banished in Zeta Halo. The game has great cosmetics and graphics along with plenty of opportunities to monetize throughout the game. With that said, let’s have a look at the upgrades that comes with this game of Halo Infinite.

Multiplayer game with a futuristic setting

The game of halo Infinite is set in the year of 2560 with the game graphics and content having a futuristic design. This is the reason why it has a familiar gameplay with a modern touch to it. This game also come with a multiplayer feature that can be played in modes such as capture the flag, Deathmatch along with 4 player vs 4 player matches and Big Team Battles that allows up to 24 players in a match. 

New power ups and combat mechanics

The Halo Infinite game has new power up features such as the grappleshot and thruster that can add on to the abilities of Master Chief and increase your Halo infinite rating. Other ability pickups include the drop shield that offers some protection, the threat detector that will mark all enemies and help in identification and the repulsor that can change the direction of the grenades back to the thrower. Sidekick, Skewer and Heatwave are the other new weapons that you should keep an eye out for while playing the game.

Time to kill is high

The time to kill value in Halo Infinite is high which means that it will take a larger number of bullets to take down the enemy unless you possess a power weapon. You can take help of Halo boost services if you’re playing alone. Therefore, the best way to move ahead in the game is to remain a part of your team which will enable you to tackle your enemies faster and help you get rewarded quickly. 

Training for new players

The best part about Halo Infinite game is that it comes with a training mode for the newbies who do not have any idea about the game. This mode allows them to try out the weapons in the game and play a few practice matches with a computer controlled bot so as to get a hang of the game before diving into it. 

Make use of the vehicles

The vehicles in the Halo Infinite game can be of great use especially in the Big Team Battles. You can literally wreak havoc if you control a Banshee and cause a lot of damage to the enemies. 

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