5 tips to build a better social media presence

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You can build a social media presence in seconds. But will it be reliable enough for its cause? That depends on your engagement and interaction. For a business, a social media presence is nothing but a place for friendship. When you fulfill this point of view, your business will not just flow but will also grow. Most businesses don’t care about social media presence for some reason. But this only counts for 5% of major businesses that have been stranded over centuries.

Well, here are 5 tips to build a better social media presence.

  1. Write down your goals and targets

A very underrated solution for the best possible business and its management is identifying targets. When you know your targets, you know your work, you know what to do. And when you know what to do, it is just a matter of time and work.

Identifying your targets will help you organize your goals. Then, you can just proceed in a step-by-step formulation.

Once you are there, then the road to a business is easy. If you are on a self-made business path, always remember that you are doing the job of 5-10 people alone. You will always mess up in the middle. But a systematic plan that has been already devised by you, will help you to turn the tables.

The next thing is your goals.

Targets are intermediate checkpoints that you need to fulfill. Goals are the ideal business checkpoints that you have to earn by yourself.

For example, setting up your social media presence is your most important target. And to gain proper engagement, the trust of your audience is your goal.

  1. Care about Engagement

The most important thing about social media presence is engagement. No user will contribute to your development if you are not active in the space.

This brings a crucial point, should you engage personally with your audience? Well, Yes. This is not bad for your business. But you need to keep your boundaries. Audience Engagement is very important for building better relationships with your users. They help you to identify them, their problems, prominent solutions, and a lot of things that just might solve some of your own problems. This is the best of the 5 tips to build a better social media presence.

Engagement can be done in a lot of ways. You can have your public chatbox set up to engage with users, followers, and potential customers. You can engage in post comments, business pages.

Last, engagement isn’t selling yourself to the customers. It is more of buying their trust and giving them a reason to believe in your business.

  1. Learn about Automation

Automation has changed the world. It can even change your business. And it will at some point.

But don’t rely on Automation entirely. It is helpful for your customers to get warm replies from your side. And all it takes is a slight technicality to enable automated replies.

All you need to do is set up automation replies based on query input. If your user is complaining about a product, note down it. If a user is not happy with the service, investigate the query. Or at best, if a user is having an account issue, you can do best do is initiate a change password option. Or even do a better inquiry on the job. Among the 5 tips to build a better social media presence, you should employ a second person to take care of it.

When should you not rely on Automation?

When a problem gets bigger, or when it is out of the static query tree. That is when you do your best to solve your customer’s problem.

This can be easily done, by using another query on your side and personally investigating the problem. You should also do your best to make sure the user got his query solved anyhow.

  1. Increase Sales with TapBioLink 

Link in Bio help you better understand what product link is getting most traction or what content is driving the most traffic, and with new features like product tagging and sales tracking, you can easily connect your store to TapBioLink and tag your products in your posts. TapBioLink is most rich featured and complete tool and it only allows you to add one single link with multiple links to your page. When users click your bio link, they see a bio page with multiple links, such as links to your store, email signup, products, a blog post, and so on.

  1. Bring solutions to your customers

Your social media presence is mostly for the sense of marketing and reaching a bigger span of customers.

But is this what you are trying to do most? A user could have a potential bad product on his side and shoots up a query to your social media account. Should you solve it?


It is your job to be able to help anyone you can if the person is in a trouble for your service. By law, it is your duty. You should be responsible as your business manager.

Your help can mean a lot to a user if he or she is trying to keep your product line intact for future purposes. If you are able to help, you got yourself a loyal customer. Imagine doing this for every single user that tried your service.

Selling products on your side is important. But your focus should not only be on that. You need to keep an eye out for your loyal users and do the best you can.




  1. Improve your interaction over time

This solution is completely being ignored. Building trust for your business is very important. So is the audience engagement and improving this engagement over time.

To improve your interaction means bringing a better way to interact with your users. One single social media account is not enough for over 1000 users.

So, what to do about it? Set up different media accounts and strategies to efficiently help your customers.

Aside, you would also want to improve your engagement on your sole website or on the marketplace. This is a far quicker way to get through your users and solve their queries as fast as possible. Also, this is the point where you involve a bit of automation too.


Creating a social presence is not easy. But now you know how to accomplish it with these 5 tips to build a better social media presence.




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