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5 Tips to Create a Perfect Home Theater

5 Tips to Create a Perfect Home Theater

It was back in 2020 when we were first not allowed to visit cinemas – we all felt helpless and agitated but eventually resorted to home screens to enjoy our favorite movies.

Let’s admit it: we owe it to Covid for the realization that watching movies at home can be equally fun, so much so that a lot of people have set up a mini movie theater at home. And those who did (including me), well buddy, best decision ever!

And if you’re willing to make this decision now, let me tell you that you don’t need much to set up a home theater at home.

Since I invested in a home theater some while back, trust me, there is more to it than a LED and a sofa. All that being said, below, I have rounded up everything you need to know to create a perfect one.

  1. Dedicate a room

If you are planning to have a home theater set up at your house from scratch, it would be wise to have a dedicated space for it, rather than clubbing it with your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

A separate room dedicated to a home theater will give you a fun and uninterrupted experience. However, pairing your home theater with other rooms means you are calling for interference.

For instance, if you pair it with the living room then there may be other people around disturbing your experience. Or, if you pair it with the kitchen, then sounds and smells from the kitchen can be a big distraction.

  1. Control Natural lighting

For the rest of your house, of course, you want as much natural lighting as possible. but in the case of your home theater, you need to do the exact opposite.

However, if the room already has a lot of sources of natural lighting, then you can use curtains and shades.

But if you have sufficient space in your home to select the positioning of your home theater according to your own preference, then you must pick a place with little to no lighting.

  1. Reduce ambient sounds as much as you can

Like lighting, you also want to minimize the surrounding sounds to maximize your home theater experience. For instance, the noises emanating from a dishwasher, a washing machine, or repairing sounds like plumbing, drilling etc.

You see, it all boils down to the place you specify in the first place. Further, you can also install thicker curtains at windows and also replace hollow core doors with solid doors.

  1. Invest in proper viewing and seating

Firstly, while deciding on your viewing experience, you need to decide what you want? A LED with setup boxes, or a dedicated projector. Nowadays, people have moved from projectors to LEDs, simply because it is a lot less complicated to use in comparison to projectors. That being said, projectors have a vibe of their own.

Next, while talking about seating, the most important part is not how good the sofa is but how far and well-placed it is from the screen. The ideal distance is when everyone who is watching, has a complete view of the screen.

The sofas or seats you’re planning to invest in need not be super expensive. Anything that adds up to the overall look of your home theater and is also comfortable should serve the purpose.

Beside this, what about having a movie night under the sky? Well, you can feel this moment with “Piqo’s” portable bluetooth projector. With this projector, you can enjoy your favorite films and TV shows in the great outdoors. From size to brightness, every feature is perfectly installed.

  1. Don’t forget the speakers

Nowadays, most LEDs come with in-built high-quality speakers, but still, if you are planning to invest in additional speakers, you must place them well.

For instance, do not have all the speakers closely placed to each other or it may cause echo. Further, make sure the speakers cover the entire space for the best audio experience.

Over to you…

Now that you’ve been through the checklist, you already know there are so many elements to a home theater other than sofas and screens. So, make sure you have a holistic view of your ideal home theater before purchasing anything.

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