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5 Top Lighting Trends for Homes and Offices in 2021

5 Top Lighting Trends for Homes and Offices in 2021

Lighting trends keep evolving with time. Light designs that looked cool last year are considered passe this year. 

In this post, we predict top lighting trends for this year so that you can adorn your space with on-trend lighting.

Trend #1: Old Will Be Gold

Vintage light designs will make a comeback this year. Typically handcrafted from distressed wood, these old-world light fixtures can add a dash of vintage to your living space.

Trend #2: The Wilder the Better

Don’t restrict yourself to done-to-death designs and materials in your lights. Experiment with different configurations like sputnik and starburst, and different textures to strike a cool yet classy vibe.

Trend #3: Industrial Lights Won’t Just Be for Offices

Industrial designs make a grand entry in residential lighting. Clean metal-finish lights are a great accessory for studies, modern kitchens, and even living rooms. 

Trend #4: Statement Designs will Be Big

Bring nature into your modern home by using farmhouse ceiling lights, or go gothic with a glass orb chandelier. The key is to harness stand-out light designs that have a personality of their own.

Trend #5: Buy Smart With Practical Lighting Solutions 

Accent lighting has always been in vogue but this year it will gain more popularity. Adjustable lights that rotate 360 degrees will find a place in drop ceilings and small alcoves. 


More Trends to Look Out For…

There are many more trends in wall lighting and bathroom lighting that deserve your attention. To learn about all of them, check out this infographic developed by Claxy

Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year

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