5 Types of Car Accident Injuries in Gainesville

When a car collides with another, it can result in severe injuries and damage. People in the car, especially those not restrained by their seat belts, might be thrown around the car’s interior or ejected.

Although you can be wearing seat belts, you may still sustain catastrophic and severe injuries in a vehicle accident. Regardless of the advancements in car safety technology, car accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of death, especially in Gainesville.

Injuries resulting from car accidents in Gainesville may range from life-threatening to mild. Some of the types of car accident injuries that legal experts at Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A are common include the following:

1.      Head Injuries

These injuries may take different forms, from quite severe to relatively minor. Unexpected changes in the direction or stop of a car may cause the heads of passengers and drivers to move in unnatural and sudden ways.

These movements may lead to muscle sprains and strains in your necks. However, the head itself might get injured as well.

2.      Chest and Neck Injuries

One of the most common car accident injuries in Gainesville is whiplash. A sudden neck movement may result in serious ligament damage and neck muscle.

A whiplash injury may vary from one individual to another, depending on a person’s health and the accident involved. Generalized neck swelling and pain are common. Plus, it is common for many patients to suffer vocal cord paralysis temporarily following an auto accident.

3.      Back Injuries

Sometimes, injuries to the spine aren’t apparent immediately. It is safer to assume that you have spinal cord injuries and visit a specialist to examine you properly.

Bleeding and swelling around or in your spine may result in paralysis or numbness that gradually affects you. Less serious though it should be an issue of concern, is developing back pain slowly, stemming from strained muscles. If untreated, it might develop into a long-term back problem.

4.      Internal Bleeding

Although suffering a cut following a car accident is very common, you may still have internal bleeding. Internal bleeding is very dangerous, especially when you don’t treat it quickly.

It is best to seek medical help immediately, whether it is a minor or major car accident. If you have suffered internal bleeding, ensure you look for care to ascertain that there are no life-threatening injuries.

5.      Lacerations

Airbags deploy, seatbelts restrain, windscreens shatter, and you might still come into contact with sharp or hard edges outside or inside the car.

Lacerations might differ from minor scrapes and cuts to severe wounds and what’s called ‘degloving injuries’ where your skin will be torn off and expose underlying tissues.

These kinds of injuries often need surgical intervention and might involve a lengthy process of healing. They usually lead to a permanent reminder of your accident in the form of impaired functioning and scars.

Final Touches

In most cases, injuries that result from a car accident in Gainesville aren’t noticeable or apparent immediately. Symptoms might take days or weeks before they show. This is why it is best to seek medical attention following your accident.

Whether or not your injuries are severe, you are eligible for recovery. With the help of a car accident in Gainesville, you can get compensation to cover your non-economic and economic losses.

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