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5 Ways to Give your Home a Royal Touch

5 Ways to Give your Home a Royal Touch

People stay in hotels and heritage buildings for a couple of days to get the feeling of the royal life, for which they pay a heavy tariff. It is not always possible to spend so much money to go and spend money in heritage hotels and buildings to get the feeling of the royal home. So why not have one of your own! If you like such a lifestyle, you give your home a royal touch on your own. World over now, it is possible to bring a royal look into your home with a little imagination and a lot of sensitivity from the books and movies that we have read and seen of the different civilizations and royal traditions of the past. Yes, Old is Gold. And we can dig into this gold and bring it into your home! Here are five ways to give your home a Royal Touch.

  • Four Poster Canopy Beds for your Royal Sleep

A canopy bed always adds a unique royal touch to your bedroom. The wood structure could be minimally designed or abundantly loaded with intricate designs from the past. Such beds bring about an essence of royalty to your bedroom. You can enhance the elegance with satin bed sheets. Super king quilt covers for your bedroom add grandeur to your stylish bed. Now all you need are some translucent curtains around the poster to give it the definitive traditional feeling. Finally, you can place a round wooden table at the corner end of the bed with small vases on top for the final touches.

  • An antique lounge

All of us are familiar with the magnificence of the chaise lounge in several period movies and theatres. This unparallel décor and design of the lounge setting are antique and stylish. This can be done by giving a Victorian makeover or an Oriental style to your simple lounge. This throne look piece must go with your décor theme, and you choose the velvet upholstery for the best outcome.

  • Chandeliers

Light up your royal home with the most beautiful chandelier. You can acquire these from the sales of traditional designs all year round. Candle, Antlers, Crystal, and Glass Chandeliers make your living room illume. They can match different types of interiors. For example, if your ceiling is big, you can use Crystal, Caged, and Bowl types to bring a definite royal look! For a lesser look, bearded chandeliers and or glass chandeliers.

  • Dining can look, Royal.

Not only do you want to live like royalty, but you want to eat like one too! No royal dream comes true without dining; it is an integral part of your home. You can turn your simple dining room into a royal one by replacing your old dining set with a solid wood carved one or a marble dining set. These can be bought in intricate designs and traditional upholstery. Another interesting feature to go with it is a rotating panel on the dining table. Your table mats and napkins must be hand-embroidered with old designs to add the icing to the cake.

  • A Regal library of your Own

Create your own regal library. A small amount of space can be allotted to a traditional wooden shelf designed for a magazine. You can also go for a bookshelf embedded in the wall to save money and space. We all know that the royal people spent a lot of time reading and collecting books. So it is not a bad idea for you to do the same out of your busy schedule.

Wrapping Thought

Doing up a home is a never-ending task. Remember, you want to make your home a personal royal abode. Other than the above-given tips to make your home royal, there are many additional ideas. You can use Marble flooring for the living room and wooden flooring for the bedroom. The walls can be done in low pastel colors like in the old European classics. Paintings and framed embroidered pieces on the common room walls but not everywhere. Finally, use antique designer mirrors and vases only in suitable areas.

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