5 Ways to Make a Style Statement in a Gorgeous Silk Saree

5 Ways to Make a Style Statement in a Gorgeous Silk Saree

Silk is a fabric that was originally a commodity of China. It found its way into the ancient Indian subcontinent through trade routes. In India, a plain silk saree occupies an uncontested spot in weddings. They brighten up the occasion and bring festive color to the event of a marriage. Several types of silk sarees are native to different parts of India. But the most popular silk sarees are from Varanasi, Kanchipuram, and Mysore. 

Benaras silk sarees

Benaras silk is a type of silk produced in Varanasi. It is famous for its rich embroidery patterns. Weavers, who create these patterns, use the most exquisite threads made from gold and silver. The allure of this silk is that while the zari is rich with excellent designs, it is also elegant and simple. It takes a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 30 days to create a Banarasi silk saree.

Kanchipuram silk sarees

Kanchipuram is known as the “city of silk” and the “city of temples”. It is not a surprise that this town in the northern part of Tamil Nadu is famous for a kind of silk necessary component of Tamil weddings. Pure mulberry silk interwoven with a blend of gold and silver zari from Gujarat is one of the most preferred combinations in the Kanchipuram silk saree.

Mysore silk sarees

Mysore silk saree originated during the reign of Tipu Sultan, who lived in the late 1780s. The fabric is a mix of one hundred percent pure silk interwoven with gold and silver zari. The weavers procure the raw materials from a single cocoon. After this, they soak, twist, and wind it. Mysore silk sarees are distinct in that they have a single color of mostly traditional hues of red, yellow, orange, and green. Mango designs, floral borders, and temple motifs are unique to the Mysore silk. 

Styling a silk saree

Sarees are generally associated with tradition, conservation, and modesty. But the idea of a saree has transformed extensively in today’s world. Conventions no longer confine sarees to traditional looks. Young women enjoy styling silk sarees according to their unique personal style and preference. Here are five ways of wearing a silk saree that brings out one’s gorgeous personality!

Choosing a silk saree

Choosing the right saree for the appropriate occasion gets half the work done. Depending upon the person’s preference and the event, one can choose among different silk sarees such as soft silk, Tussar silk, Ikkat silk, etc.

While a soft silk saree is perfect for a mellow evening party, Tussar silk brightens up a festive evening. Similarly, the color of the saree is also a crucial element. A plain silk saree traditionally comes in deep, earthy colors such as red, green, brown, and vibrant colors like yellow, purple, orange, and blue.

Styling the saree

In conventional weddings, women wear silk sarees in multiple pleats. But a silk saree looks equally charming when worn as a single pleated saree pinned on the shoulder. The saree flows like a cascade, giving the wearer an air of confidence, grace, and elegance. It is also essential to ensure that the saree is not wrinkled, faded, or worn out in any way so that it does not ruin the look.


Accessories are the best companions of silk sarees. While the sarees themselves are breath-taking, proper accessories make the saree distinct and stylish. When wearing a grand silk saree, one can choose to wear ornaments such as a wide necklace, tasteful ear hangings, and sturdy bangles that would bring out the saree’s color. Similarly, one can match a simple silk saree with different necklaces like harams and choker necklaces.  


Good makeup is essential to highlight any attire. Similarly, makeup plays a vital role in bringing out the theme of the occasion and the vibrance of a saree. The style of makeup differs with the lighting of the event and the look that one wants to achieve.

For bright lighting, it is advisable to wear warmer colors like pink or red-based makeup. For mellower events, light makeup with sharp contouring highlights facial features.

The hair makeover

Styling the hair the right way will take an outfit a long way. The best thing about silk sarees is that it goes well with any hairstyle. From short, pixie cuts to long, flowing tresses, anybody can style their hair to suit a silk saree. Wearing a festive butterfly clip or a fancy sequin rubber band with your regular hairstyle is a perfect hair-do.


A deep love for silk is a trait that is prevalent in many cultures. Its soft texture and smooth fabric attract everybody regardless of age, gender identification, and cultural milieu. That is why it stands the test of time, changing fashion, and the question of sustainability.

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