6 Big Benefits of Custom Lapel Pins

6 Big Benefits of Custom Lapel Pins

History suggests that artisans from ancient China were the first to design and create the first enamel lapel pins around the year 1271 AD. While these creations were traditionally worn by soldiers, the 17th and 18th centuries shifted this notion.

Lapel pins began to adorn the coats and jackets of the world’s wealthiest and most elegant men across Europe and later into North America.

And today, these pins are still a fashion statement. While any store-bought pin can help you harken these golden age look, custom lapel pins dial up the elegance and style factor.

Read on to learn the six most important benefits of investing in and wearing a custom lapel pin.

  1. Look Dapper

What is one of the best benefits of lapel pins? Look dapper and impress your friends and colleagues! Lapel pins ooze elegance, class, and sophistication.

With a simple pink you can uplevel any basic sport coat or jacket. Don’t know where to begin your lapel pin shopping search? These Lions Club lapel pins are available to purchase and create the ultimate dapper style.

  1. Invest in Quality

Inexpensive lapel pins are made of flimsy metal or the enamel design may chip or fade over time. But, custom lapel pins are made with the highest quality metal, fasteners, and paint. These qualities ensure your pin will last for the long haul.

And if you are creating custom lapel pins for business or custom swag, you won’t have to worry about shoddy quality. Custom creations will impress your clients or customers and be a reflection of your business.

  1. Pass It Down

Custom lapel pins can last forever. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to share your treasured pin with the next generation?

Consider a custom lapel pin an investment in your family history and story. Whether your son wears his handed-down pin to his wedding or your grandson sports the same pin to graduation, this simple item has the power to make meaningful memories.

  1. Start a Conversation

Lapel pins and beautiful and eye-catching objects can attract attention and strike up a conversation. For example, at a business dinner branded lapel pins with your company crest or logo can be an elegant and discreet way to attract a client.

  1. Change Your Look

Are you looking for ways to switch up your style? Is it time to start dressing more elegantly and welcome sophistication? A custom lapel pin can be just the accessory you need to execute this big change!

  1. Be Ready For Any Occasion

Whether you have an upcoming wedding or important client dinner, custom lapel pins prepare you for any occasion. These pins can add interest and detail to a sports coat or suit you have worn a thousand times over.

Custom Lapel Pins Can Transform Your Style

So, are you sold on the benefits of wearing custom lapel pins? These pins aren’t just a simple accessory. They can be instrumental in transforming your style.

Custom lapel pins can also help create special family memories or bonds and be passed down for generations to come. Remember, for any occasion, a custom lapel pin takes you from average to dapper in no time!

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