6 Common Aircraft Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

6 Common Aircraft Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Performing airplane maintenance is a job that should be taken seriously. 80% of maintenance mistakes involve human factors and lead to airplane accidents.

Being proactive with your plane technicians can help avoid any unnecessary accidents for you and your company.

Please keep reading to learn more about aircraft maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

Hiring Unqualified Technicians

An aircraft technician performs maintenance on planes. Maintenance is done to ensure that the plane will work while flying in the air.

An unqualified plane technician will not work on planes as efficiently as those who are qualified.

Ensure that you hire experienced and trained maintenance technicians.

Even qualified technicians need continuous training on the current trends. Training will update workers on the development in plane design and maintenance.

Establish Guidelines for Maintenance 

Technicians cannot remember everything while performing maintenance on airplanes.

Having written guidelines will help your workers as they work on airplanes. Even simple guidelines, like properly using aircraft cleaning equipment, can help your workers.

Written guidelines will also be something to hark back to when any mistakes are made.

Don’t have your workers perform their own assurance checks. Instead, have your workers check each other’s work. This will ensure that every worker meets quality standards.

Always Looking for Shortcuts

It would be best if you never took shortcuts when performing maintenance on a plane.

Plane technicians should never improvise. Looking for alternative ways to perform maintenance on airplanes can lead to disaster.

Shortcuts could save time and money, but you want to ensure that the airplane is working properly.

Stick with the plane manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance to avoid any problems.

Burnout Among Technicians

Burnout compromises a maintenance technician’s ability to produce efficient work. Inefficient plane maintenance can lead to errors which may result in grave consequences.

Working with airplanes can be extremely stressful and tiring. Plane technicians should have rest breaks during work hours. Occasional rest breaks will ensure that the maintenance technicians won’t work while fatigued.

Poor Communication

Communication is key to avoid aircraft maintenance mistakes. Maintenance workers cannot know what is expected unless they are told.

Most mistakes happen because inspection expectations are not told to the maintenance technician.

A written summary will help technicians know exactly how to work on the plane and uphold aircraft values.

Not Performing Basic Inspections

The impact of not regularly inspecting a plane can lead to disastrous consequences. Catching any errors during inspections will decrease problems when the plane takes flight.

Perform maintenance on airplanes after every flight. Regular plane inspections ensure that any potential dangers will be caught before the plane is in the air again.

Don’t Make Aircraft Maintenance Mistakes

Aircraft maintenance mistakes can be extremely costly for everyone involved.  Avoiding common mistakes can assure that technicians will perform quality maintenance on airplanes.

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