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6 Common Mistakes with Bedroom Decor and How to Avoid Them

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The average American spends around 93% of their life indoors, data that shows we must curate the ultimate home to relax in with loved ones.

One of the most significant rooms in a home is the bedroom, an oasis where you unwind after a hectic day. Perhaps you’re tired of your boudoir’s decor, and you’re looking for ways to revitalize its design.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are six mistakes with bedroom decor to avoid.

1. Forgetting the Artwork 

Many homeowners feel so overwhelmed choosing artwork for bedrooms that they forget it altogether. Also, because it’s not a public space, it’s tempting to fill your living room with your favorite pieces and fail to give your bedroom the same TLC.

But, avoid doing this as it makes your bedroom less cozy. A major bonus is you needn’t spend a fortune, thanks to sites like Etsy.

2. Choosing the Wrong Lighting 

When brainstorming your design ideas, you mustn’t miss out on bedroom lighting options. A significant error is if you choose fluorescent or cool lighting as it looks clinical. If this sounds like you, then swap them out for a soft-white LED bulb.

Or, choose multiple lighting options instead. For instance, a wall sconce and a lamp will make your room more relaxing.

3. Poorly Pairing Patterns 

Your choice of blankets and pillows will make or break your bedroom decor. But a problem many homeowners face is not knowing how to pair particular patterns together. Instead, take the time when browsing so you can find textures or shapes that work in harmony.

4. Not Finding the Perfect Bedside Table

The bedside table choice will depend on your bedroom decor budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with a style you hate just because it’s cheap.

One of the biggest mistakes is choosing a table that is too tall or short because it looks awkward next to your bed. Instead, make measurements and find a bedside table that can comfortably fit your lamp, book, and phone charger.

5. Choosing Bold Colors 

While brainstorming bedroom decor ideas, most homeowners want to go big and bold. But the problem is, if you ignore color theory, then you may end up with colors that clash, making your bedroom look loud.

To avoid this, use a vibrant shade to accent a wall.

6. Laying Down the Wrong Rug

Figure out how much space you have so you can find the ultimate rug. Avoid choosing a small one when your room is larger. Otherwise, it will look jarring.

Top Mistakes With Bedroom Decor

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know the most common mistakes with bedroom decor. Make sure you always hang artwork, choose the right lighting, and be careful using bold colors. You should also buy the perfect-sized rug and bedside table. Good luck!

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