6 Important Tips For Writing a Resume With No Job Experience

6 Important Tips For Writing a Resume With No Job Experience

So, you found a job posting that offers everything you are looking for. But there is just one problem: you have no relevant work experience.

Whether you are a fresh graduate with no internships under your belt or someone making a career change, this might be a problem that you face. So, what can you put on the resume that will make you an attractive candidate?

This article discusses a few things that you can include to help present yourself in the best light possible.

1. Start With a Career Objective

When you have little to no relevant experience, it is best to be transparent about why you apply for a particular job. This will tell the recruiter that you are willing to put in the work to achieve your goals.

It is also essential that you be clear rather than vague. For instance, instead of saying ‘promising position in a forward-looking company,’ you can use phrases such as ‘entry-level management position in the banking industry.’

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Moreover, if you are applying for a specific role, it would also help to tailor your resume accordingly. For those who are confused about how to write a strong career objective, you can request best resume editing service such as SkillHub and its “edit my resume” option. That way, career experts will be able to weigh in on your resume and help improve it.

2. Choose the Right Format

There are two formats you can adopt when writing a resume. The most popular one follows the reverse chronological order, where you start with your most recent experience and work downwards.

However, in this case, it might work in your favor to opt for chronological order. Meaning you can list the sections of your resume in the following manner:

  • Header – With name and contact details
  • Career Objective
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills

If you are looking for a first job, you might not have much practice writing your resume. If you need a bit of inspiration, check out SkillHub review to find writing samples. You will discover dozens based on different professionals, specializations, and experience levels.

If you want to get creative, you can chug both these formats and send out a video or a website that might get the attraction of employers.

3. Take a Fresh Look at Your Previous Jobs

You might have noticed that in the format we mentioned above, we included a section on ‘Experience.’ So, how do you tackle this if you have nothing relevant to offer?

The truth is that you might be dismissing any experiences that you have since they did not come in the form of a formal job or internship. For instance, you might have been a member of social or sports groups that can demonstrate skills such as teamwork or leadership.

You might have coordinated some kind of event that can speak to your management skills. These can be turned into job descriptions if you are able to list out your responsibilities as skills. Another valuable tool to showcase your abilities is a psychometric test. Many employers use psychometric test to assess candidates’ cognitive abilities, personality traits, and skills. Participating in such tests and highlighting your results can provide additional evidence of your capabilities and suitability for a job.

For example, if you have volunteered in an organization, your job description could be as follows:

  • Helped coordinate fundraising events
  • Managed logistics
  • Designed and orchestrated themes for gatherings
  • Secured donations

These details can add much value to what you think is irrelevant experience and could help impress a potential employer.

4. Feature Your Academic Achievements

Most importantly, if you are a fresh graduate, you will have to highlight your education and other academic achievements. In other words, you want to convey that even though your experience is limited, you are eager to learn and have already equipped yourself with some competent skills.

You can also mention your academic achievements, including a paper you published or any special award from your institution.

It wouldn’t hurt to include your thesis topics, your portfolio, or any research papers you have worked on if these are related to your chosen career field. You can get more info on resumegenius.  This will also indicate to the hiring manager that you have some background in the area.

5. HighLight Soft and Transferable Skills

You can also emphasize any transferable skills that you might have gained while studying. These could be from time management to organization or lab research to academic writing.

When you weave together such soft skills, these can build a picture of a candidate with several attributes often sought after by employers. Customer service, collaboration, public speaking, and communication are all skills that are relevant to almost all career fields.

6. Include Certifications Outside Your Major

Let us be honest here, the competition in the career market is fierce these days. And if you have no experience, it puts you at an instant disadvantage. However, you can point out that you have acquired the skills necessary to do the job.

Today, with the abundant resources available, you can take online classes to update your skills, no matter the subject you majored in college. Moreover, you should also indicate this in your resume.

Despite what you might think, the chances are that you might have many skills to offer, and it is often a matter of how you sell yourself.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the best resumes are carefully put together with marketing documents; it has to speak of what you are bringing to the table and how you can fit the role. Make sure that you include vivid descriptions of your coursework and try to quantify your achievements whenever possible.

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