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6 Most Common Plumbing Problems


The plumber mainly deals with the pipes and there are pipes everywhere in the house. You can start from the kitchen and every room is also connected with pipes. There are two types of pipes in a home, one that brings fresh water supply and the second that takes away the wastewater. The maintenance of both kinds of pipes is mandatory and professional plumbers must be hired to fix the damaged pipes. Following are the most common plumbing problems that a professional encounter daily.

1.     Underground leaks

It is probably one of the most annoying plumbing problems and it is extremely challenging to track the underground leaks. The biggest reason for the difficulty is because they are beneath the floor or inside the wall. Since the water can travel through narrow channels and easily covers longer distances it is hard to tell where’s the leak. The experts use several methods to detect an underground leak. The best plumbing contractors usually analyze waters bills, mold, wet patches, and excessive humidity to conclude whether there’s such a leak or not. So, if you have one of the above-listed symptoms, then you might need professional help.

2.     Faulty fixtures

The leaky fixtures aren’t something new and it is another commonly encountered problem in most households. The fixtures are made of metal and over time the threads are consumed by movements. As a result, it starts leaking. In some cases, rust also plays an important role as well. Fixing a faulty fixture is a piece of cake for a professional plumber and it doesn’t require too much time either. That’s why make sure that you always hire a reliable plumber to deal with the fixtures. In case the fixtures can’t be fixed, the plumber can replace them as well. The cost of work no doubt will go up this way, but at least you’d have peace of mind.

3.     Flooded toilet

It is another problem that demands hiring experts because a flooded toilet is probably the most undesirable issue. Still, it does happen and the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible and there’s nothing better than an expert to fix it. There can be multiple reasons for toilet flooding, that’s why taking an action personally can worsen the problem. The experts highly recommend hiring an expert to deal with such a problem because in time professional support can help you get rid of the situation smoothly. Furthermore, hiring experts help you save time and money.

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4.     Clogged drains

A house is made of a complex drain network. Whether the drain pipes are connected in series or parallel if one is choked the effect would be felt everywhere. That’s why a simple drain problem can cause an unrest across the house. Hiring professionals is your best shot at fixing the clogged drains because they have seen a similar situation over and over. There’s no clogging issue that experts can’t solve and even if they encounter something new, it is quite easy for them to come up with an instant solution. So, always trust an experienced plumber for quality work.

5.     Pipe bursts

The water supply comes to the house through pipes and since pipes pass through different areas of a house, they can be damaged. Most of the time the external forces are responsible for such damages, especially when you are moving heavy stuff. If the pipes are underground, then ground shifting and settling can cause a pipe burst. Usually, it is hard to anticipate the damage but an experienced plumber can surely fix it for you. The experts recommend disconnecting the damaged line and wait for the plumber to fix it. The sooner you act the easier it would be to contain the problem.

6.     Water heater malfunctioning

There are different kinds of water heater problems that you may encounter in routine life. Some people often complain about the color of hot water, the strange smell in water, and even poor heating performance. Well, these are all the symptoms of a defective water heater. Sometimes there’s a leak in the tank that is associated with some issues and sometimes the heating element is rotten. Don’t worry a good plumber can fix it all for you with ease. That’s why make sure the professional you are hiring has adequate experience. If you are unsure how to hire a reliable plumber, then you might want to contact some of your friends that faced a similar issue before.

Plumbers are the lifesavers and their efforts to keep people’s life peaceful can’t be ignored. It is quite evident from the above-listed problems that how often you require their services. However, a lot of people complain about the quality of service. Well, there’s an easy way to counter this problem and hire the best professional support in the market. You can simply hire the top-rated plumbers from a local listing website or through recommendations. You can also look for the experience and licenses to filter the best one out.

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