6 reasons to upgrade to a whirlpool bath

After a tough day at work, nothing can be more relaxing than getting home and submerging yourself into a hot bubble bath – other than soaking in your very own whirlpool bath.

A whirlpool bath may seem like an extravagant luxury, especially when a regular bathtub will allow you to wash away your troubles and enjoy some much-needed “me time”. But these jacuzzi-like baths are widely available and more affordable than you perhaps thought.

Allow us to share some of the benefits whirlpool baths can bring to both your health and home.

  1. Enhance relaxation

Whirlpool baths are good for reducing cortisol, which is the hormone associated with stress. If you have a lot of cortisol in your bloodstream, your blood pressure is likely to be higher and you’ll feel much more stressed out.

Treating yourself to a long soak in the bath can work wonders for your mood – relieving stress and anxiety, while the jets help your body to naturally release endorphins.

  1. Increase blood circulation

When you combine the jets with the warmth of the water in a whirlpool bath, it can help to stimulate your veins and arteries, ultimately improving your circulation. 

This is particularly helpful if you suffer from joint pain or muscle strain – alleviating your ailments whilst allowing you to relax.

  1. Aid sleep

Most of us lead very busy lifestyles these days which can have a huge impact on our sleeping patterns.

Whirlpool baths can help you to unwind before bed and get a restful night’s sleep. They increase your body temperature and prepare it to cool down (something that it does naturally to promote sleep) whilst encouraging the production of melatonin.

  1. Improve skin

Unlike normal baths, whirlpool tubs feel and stay warmer for longer. This heat can open the pores in your skin and draw any toxins to the surface – resulting in skin that feels super fresh.

Another thing to be aware of is that the pressure in a whirlpool bath will typically create a higher level of oxygen intake, helping to keep your skin healthy and clean.

  1. Reduce inflammation

Whether you have a health condition or an injury, soaking in a warm bath will really help to alleviate any pain or discomfort that you’re experiencing.

The integrated jets will massage your stiff or inflamed muscles and joints as you bathe with a glass of bubbly or a good book in your hand.

  1. Provide flexibility

Most people go to a gym or spa to enjoy a jacuzzi – but having a whirlpool bathtub in your own bathroom will enable you to kick back and relax privately, without anyone infringing on your downtime.

Of course, you don’t have to use the jets every time you or the kids take a bath. For example, you could save them and use them when you need a little pick-me-up after a tiring day or as a special treat. 

Ready to upgrade your bathtub?

Swapping your existing bath for a whirlpool tub is guaranteed to give your home a more luxurious feel without breaking the bank. 

Available in single- and double-ended designs, you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly in your bathroom and complements your décor at The Plumbline. And if you have any questions about whirlpool baths or need expert advice, they’d be more than happy to help.

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