6 Subscriptions You Need & 3 You Can Live Without as a Student

6 Subscriptions You Need & 3 You Can Live Without as a Student

All students can relate to the idea of having a folder with helpful services and apps. Whether it is a digital library or news portal, paid or free subscription, we tend to gather a lot of them. How to make sense of what you need and what can be put on the back burner?

It is quite hard to make sense of all the available resources we have nowadays. It is good to have an online college essay writing service such as EssayPro  and avoid distraction with entertaining platforms. At the same time, it is great to know where to go when your University library doesn’t have a copy you need.

Fair enough, we all need to have a break, but some subscriptions can mess with our performance. We don’t suggest giving up these subscriptions forever. Yet, it is good to review every media source you have at the moment and sort out what you need and what can wait.

Online Education Platforms

A Must: News Portals

Staying updated on the latest news with reliable sources is essential for any student and graduate. Regardless of your degree, media outlets let you form your opinion and views. They can be a great source for case studies and text analysis, and having access to them is a must. To name a few news media outlets that have proven to be eligible:

  • The New York Times;
  • The Washington Post;
  • The Guardian;
  • Game Informer;

You can also consider supporting independent resources, of course, if they are unbiased and provide food for thought. The same goes with media outlets like i-D, Wired, and other places where you can look for inspiration and stay updated about culture, fashion, and technology.

A Must: Online Education Platforms

Summer is the time to rest and relax. Yet, if you want to strengthen your knowledge in some subjects or learn something new, you have to look for a reputable educational platform. For instance, you may know these services as free of charge to join and pay only for the certificate:

  • Coursera;
  • EdX;
  • Udemy;
  • Google Classroom;

When choosing these subscriptions, you get a flexible schedule and study with the best Universities and Colleges. It is worth a try even if you are already pursuing a degree.

A Must: Services for Writing Improvement

Writing would be your major focus for the entire time spent at college or university. It is important to learn how to edit and proofread your papers and how to decrease grammar mistakes. Consider these platforms with premium features:

  • Grammarly;
  • Ginger Online;
  • WhiteSmoke;
  • Linguix;

A Must: Time Management and Organization Apps

How often do you notice that you can deal with all your tasks in time, but something always interferes? It is a common problem with many people, and thankfully, we can easily manage everything and receive reminders when needed. You can turn to the traditional calendar on the wall or choose to try a subscription with services like:

  • Evernote;
  • To-do app;
  • Todoist;
  • TickTick;

A Must: Digital Journal Libraries

As a student, you get access to necessary platforms via your institution, so you don’t have to pay any extra. But it is beneficial to bookmark and subscribe to all of these resources for the future. It is good to have them even if you decide to move on from your academic career. Still, consider saving these libraries:

  • JSTOR;
  • ScienceDirect;
  • ResearchGate;
  • Elsevier;
  • Wiley Online Library;

A Must: Mindfulness and Health Services

Therapy and mental health support is your human right, and you don’t have to wait and ignore your needs. If you have an opportunity, you can join platforms that provide individual consultations:

  • Online-Therapy;
  • Amwell;
  • Sesh;
  • Cerebral;

At the same time, there are plenty of platforms that provide you with advice and techniques to cope with stress and anxiety. If you feel that you need more than mindfulness and stress relief techniques, please, contact a specialist. Here are some platforms to consider to practice mindfulness and meditation:

  • Calm;
  • Unplug;
  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep;
  • Insight Timer;

Not a Must: Streaming Platforms

Does the word ‘procrastination’ sound familiar to you? We are not here to judge you because everyone has committed the sin of binging their favorite show instead of studying. The truth is, streaming websites are not essential in a student’s subscription list.

They can be set aside during your semesters, and you can easily get Netflix, Hulu, or HBO back when you have the free time. Simultaneously, consider getting rid of several music streaming platforms. You really only need one, the most convenient one for you. Consider this a smart investment that would save you some money for something more relevant.

Not a Must: Online Gaming

If you are determined to play, nothing can stop you. No one can blame you for having a physical copy of your favorite title. But canceling some of your online subscriptions can save you some money as well. Double-check whether you have the following subscriptions:

  • Nintendo Switch Online;
  • Playstation Now;
  • Xbox Game Pass;
  • Apple Arcade;
  • Google Play Pass;

It’s not much, you may think. But in greater perspective, $9.99 per month can change your budget in the future.

Not a Must: Delivery Apps

Delivery is essential for people who cannot leave their house or live in a remote location, and it would make more sense to them to order a delivery. Delivery may be a real saving grace. Last year proved that sometimes it is easier and safer to place an order than go outside. Yet, how much money goes for delivery specifically?

The temptation is too real when you have one of those convenient subscriptions. Maybe even too tempting, so it’s better to take a break from these services.

To Sum Up

It is great to do a big clean-up once every few months. Check what apps you use and what services are no longer working for you. It is common to have premium plans and never use all perks of the platform. We often overspend because we are afraid to miss something important, especially with aggressive marketing campaigns.

Most subscriptions become forgotten, especially when you don’t investigate your debit card reports every month. So it’s a sign to look at what is really relevant for your studies.

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