6 Things to Remember About Dementia

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When it comes to dementia, you might want to find out all you can about it, especially if you are concerned that a loved one may be experiencing it. Here’s a look at 6 things that you may be interested in learning about dementia, so you can be well-informed on the subject.

Dementia is Not Inevitable

There is no reason to think that a person will develop dementia simply because they are getting older. Not everyone will experience this condition as they are aging, and it could be a sign that there are other illnesses present. Anytime you or a loved one starts to become forgetful or has trouble finishing their sentences or thoughts, a doctor should check them out to determine what is happening.

Each Person’s Symptoms are Slightly Different

Even though those that experience dementia have notable symptoms, the severity and number of symptoms present may be different from person to person. At the same time, there are a number of symptoms that you may want to pay attention to If you notice them.

When someone you care about starts to repeat themselves many times, they aren’t taking care of their hygiene, they are unable to take care of household chores or finances, or you notice that they wander throughout the home and forget what they are doing, these are all signs that they are experiencing dementia. The good news is that the sooner that dementia is diagnosed, the better quality of life an individual may be able to maintain.

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Dementia Cannot Be Cured

While a doctor can diagnose and treat dementia, there is no cure for this disease. Instead, it may be a matter of taking care of a person’s overall health, which might facilitate a lessening of their dementia symptoms. For instance, a physician may recommend that someone with dementia eat a better diet and take certain supplements. These treatments might be able to help them think better and have more energy.

People With Dementia May Need Constant Care

Depending on the severity of a person’s dementia, they may need constant care. This could mean that they must acquire a full-time caregiver, or they may need to change their living situation quickly.

While this could be upsetting to an individual, it may be the best way for them to get the care they need. This can be especially true if a loved one is experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease, which is a severe form of dementia.

Exercise May Lessen Certain Symptoms

In some cases, light exercise may make a difference in a person’s dementia symptoms. If it is possible to encourage a family member to exercise a bit, do this. You can do something fun like take a walk through the park or go swimming. Ask them what they would like to do, so you can be sure that they are enjoying themselves.

If they are not interested in exercising, it may be helpful to simply get them to move around a little bit. Staying sedentary each day could not only make their symptoms more severe, but it could also contribute to mental health conditions.

You May Need Help Too

If someone you love is experiencing dementia and you are close to them or are their caregiver, you must make sure that you are taking care of your health and wellness as well. While you might have a difficult time seeing the changes taking place with their behavior and memory, you may see benefit from working with a therapist, so you are able to get your thoughts and fears out.

When a person you care about has dementia that is progressing, this can be devastating for anyone involved. Do what you can to help them, but also try not to wear yourself too thin. Reach out for support when you need it.


Dementia is a condition that can cause a myriad of symptoms, which can get worse over time. Since there is no cure, many people will perish from complications of dementia. However, when the illness is diagnosed early, there is a better chance that a loved one can live a healthy and fulfilling life. Do your best not to ignore the symptoms that they may be expressing and have them checked out as soon as possible.

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