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6 Tips To Elevate Your Kid’s Room Design

One room with open concept furniture

Decorating a room for your kid can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. It’s not always easy to find the balance between creating a space for your child that is both fun and functional. Your kids are precious little beings, and they deserve the best room design they can enjoy even as they grow older.

A beautiful room with plenty of opportunities to play can seem like an impossible task – but don’t worry because we’ve got some tips on how to make sure they get everything they need. Read this blog to find out more.

Choose Soothing Hues For Wall Paint or Decor

Your kid’s room should be a place where he can relax and have a good night’s sleep. With this, it’s best to practice color psychology using soothing hues like pastels and neutrals, such as taupes and grays.

If you want to have fun, you can try mixing soft neutrals with pastel colors such as celery green or lavender. When the room has soothing colors, your child will feel at ease and peaceful instead of energized, especially at bedtime.

The Storage Should Be Extra

Your child is growing, and they will need toys, clothes, educational materials, and more to stay entertained while learning new skills and developing new hobbies. With this, you must make sure that the room’s storage space is big and extra. It’s also best if the storage can grow with your child.

Additionally, your kids’ toys and other belongings will certainly end up on the floor. So, you must choose storage solutions that can engage your child, making them want to organize their things themselves and learn how to keep their room clean.

Add Fun Elements

Kids are naturally energetic and playful, and they would love their rooms even better if you added fun elements to them. If your budget permits, add a mini playground area where your kid can unleash its wild and playful side and install indoor ball pits, mini swings, seesaws, and slides.

You can also choose to add whimsical and creative house-frame beds, such as B2C Furniture’s kid’s beds.

The ball is in your hands, and you can freely choose whatever interesting elements you can add because you know what’s best for your little ones. Additionally, you can add other fun elements to make the room feel warmer and cozier because kids generally love to cuddle.

You can try adding self-soothing elements such as stuffed animals or body pillows that your child can lounge on. A soft-weighted blanket is also a great option, making your kid feel like it’s hugging him.

Incorporate Patterned Notes

Elevating your kid’s room design can also mean imitating those bedroom ideas you see on Pinterest. You can achieve these ideas by incorporating patterns and textures, making the entire room look stylish and unique. Different textures and patterns can also make your child’s room more fun and enjoyable, allowing your little one to lounge and feel energetic in his own space.

Aside from patterns, you can also opt for eye-catching murals by choosing decorative wallpapers. Choose from different illustrations such as charts, animals, maps, architecture, or astronomy.

Allot An Enjoyable Play and Work Area

Your child will enter a stage where they’ll want to learn new things and discover more hobbies they’ll love to do. You must allot a space where they can freely play and work while keeping the other side of the room clean and organized.


A kid-friendly play and work area is where your child can be busy while allowing their physical and mental skills to develop and improve. Additionally, this personal area can also become handy when your child grows old and needs a space where they can study and do his homework.

Establish Soft Spaces

Kids are generally more active, and they love playing and rolling around on the floor. You should consider this when choosing the floor type of your kid’s room. Make sure that the floors are durable enough to protect and carry your child’s weight, especially when they love to jump and run around.


Aside from the floors, you should also make sure that the corners of the cabinets, bed frames and other furniture are child-safe, preventing any bumps or accidents when your child suddenly falls or trips.

Make The Most of Your Kid’s Room

Deciding how to decorate and what to place in your kid’s room can be challenging, but knowing what your child wants can make it easier. Choose fun elements and muted colors for your walls and floorings, add important furniture pieces for their work area, and double up on the storage space.

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