6 tips to mini skip bin hire

Mini skip bin hire from efficient dealers like AotSkipBins provides an effective solution for disposing of smaller quantities of waste, making them ideal for home renovation, spring cleaning and gardening projects. Available in various sizes and easy to use, these compact containers come with plenty of convenience – but there are some factors you should keep in mind before renting one.

This blog post covers six tips to maximize its use. 

Choose the Right Size

To begin your Local skip hire rental experience off right, the first step should always be selecting an appropriate size. Mini skips come in various dimensions so it is essential that you select one that will best meet your needs; for small projects a 2 or 3 cubic metre skip bin may suffice; larger renovation projects might necessitate 4 or 6 cubic metre bins instead – estimate waste production levels in advance so as to prevent hiring too little or too much space in a bin before choosing what might otherwise be appropriate size.

Know What You Can and Cannot Put in the Skip Bin

Before filling up your skip bin, it’s essential to understand what items can and cannot go in it. Each company that rents out bins may have different rules about which items can be placed inside; hazardous waste such as chemicals, asbestos and batteries is usually prohibited from disposal in skips. Make sure you fully comprehend their rules and regulations to avoid penalties or extra charges for renting one!

Consider Placement

Proper placement of a mini skip bin is important. Make sure it’s easy and safe for you to use, while not causing any potential issues such as blocking access or creating hazards. In some instances, getting permission from the local council may be required in order for skip bins placed on public streets to remain functional.

Fill Your Bin Correctly

It is vitally important that when filling a mini skip bin correctly. Begin by placing larger items at the bottom and gradually adding smaller ones until all space in the bin has been utilized to its maximum. Furthermore, do not overload or exceed its capacity as this could make transport difficult and incur additional fees.

Plan for Removal

Before renting a mini skip bin, it’s essential to plan its removal. Be aware of when and how your bin will be collected as well as whether its collection location can easily accommodate its collection company – difficult access locations may incur extra charges from rental services.

Shop Around

Shopping Around It is also essential when hiring a mini skip bin that you shop around. Different companies provide different prices and services; by shopping around you can find one with competitive rates and excellent service. In addition to researching each potential provider online and speaking to friends and family about them for referrals.


Hiring a mini skip bin can be an efficient and economical way to dispose of waste. But to maximize its effectiveness and ensure proper disposal of your trash, it’s essential that you choose the appropriate size, understand what can and cannot fit into it, consider placement carefully, fill it correctly, plan for removal as soon as possible and shop around before finalizing a contract with any service. By following these tips you’ll make the most of your mini skip bin rental experience and ensure your waste is disposed of responsibly.

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