6 Unique Types of Frogs That You Have to See to Believe

When you think of things that jump and hop around, frogs come to mind quickly. Though there are many varieties of frogs, many people need to learn more about frogs.

When people think of frogs, they automatically think of the popular kinds. This may be because the popular types of frogs have the most marketing.

With that being said, this article will teach you about the types of frogs you may not have known existed. So, let’s get started!

1. Pink Bolivian Brick Frog

The pink Bolivian brick frog is one of the unique frogs a person can experience. This frog has bright pink skin, black eyes, and a red and black stripe on its backside. It can be found in the Bolivian Amazon.

The young tadpoles of this frog follow the mother around, unlike the typical solitary frog. This frog species is nocturnal and feeds on various insects and small worms. The color of the frog’s skin helps it blend in with its environment, making it difficult to spot in the wild.

2. Valley Rice

The Valley Rice Frog is an unusual frog that you must see to believe. Found in the valleys of Fujian, Jiangxi, and Guangdong provinces of China and have a distinctive light green coloration with distinctive darker crossbands. It feeds on small insects.

These frogs have further adaptations in their hands and feet, which they use to cling to leaves and branches during the day. Thanks to their particular habitat, they have to cope year-round with a combination of cold winters and hot summers.

3. Large Goliath

The Large Goliath Frog is a fantastic creature with a unique, extraordinary appearance. This frog is light green and yellow/brown and stands out due to its two bulging eyes. Its head is heavily set, its lips are beautifully adorned in patterns, and its throat is defined.

4. Saddleback Tamarin

The Saddleback Tamarin frog of Central and South America is one of the most unusual frogs ever seen. It stands out from the crowd with its bright yellow saddle-shaped markings on its back. This coloration is thought to help the frog blend in more with its environment while hunting potential prey.

5. Omiltemi Spadefoot Toad

The Omiltemi spadefoot toad is an incredible species of frog native to Mexico. Its unique features include dark, glossy brown skin, bright yellow eyes, and a small “spade”-like a foot used to dig itself into the ground. It’s also known for its special mating call, consisting of loud snores, peeps, and whistles.

6. Indian Purple Frog

Have Fun Exploring Different Types of Frogs

Frogs are nature’s most exciting creatures and come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re an experienced frog enthusiast or just starting to explore, many beautiful frogs exist to behold.

Go out and explore different types of frogs; you won’t be disappointed! Grab your binoculars and join others for the next frog exploration adventure!

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