6 Ways Your Space Can Affect Your Productivity

It is no secret that quality space is one of the main factors increasing productivity and motivation. People largely depend on the circumstances surrounding them. So, whether you work from home or in a comfortable office, your capacity will be different. To focus on accomplishing all the necessary tasks, one must eliminate all the disturbing factors. But what are they? What exactly affects our perception and attention?

There are many factors in space and design that can either increase productivity or deprive you of any desire to continue working. Comfortable conditions are a prerequisite of successful work. It also can be proven by ergonomics, a science of adapting working conditions to ensure the most effective and safe accomplishment of tasks.

Of course, many people do not have the opportunity to arrange their space properly. It can be either due to lack of money or time. If the latter is familiar to you, you may use essay writing services online to economize some hours. If you do not have enough money, do not worry. It is possible to find ways to improve your space without wasting much.

Below we will list the most important factors that affect one’s productivity.

1. The Influence of Colors

You may now say that you do not have favorite colors or are not an expert in coloring, so it does not affect you. But here is the point. Colors influence us subconsciously. Perhaps you have heard something about the calming function of green color or the irritable effect of blue. The same can be said about tones chosen for the room decoration.

There are many proofs that colors influence the state of our mind differently. For example, walls painted in yellow can bring calmness while blue ones lead to productivity bursts and increased professionalism.

Of course, it does not mean that you have to surround yourself with blue items only. But adding some blue elements into the overall interior would not be excessive. Moreover, make sure to rely on your feelings and desires. Which colors do you associate with success? Think of some and start incorporating them into your working space.

2. Lighting Effect

Are there any people in the world who would dream of working in a cave? Perhaps no, at least in the 21st century. Unfortunately, many offices are planned in such a way that the quality of lightning comes last in the list. It is because people choose to economize and use poor-quality lamps that are not suitable for 24/7 work.

Still, illumination is one of the most critical factors to consider. The result of poor lighting may be constant headaches, vision problems, and a pessimistic mood. Indeed, people who stay “in caves” most of the time are more subjected to facing depression.

If you have the opportunity to change the lighting in your home or office, it is recommended to use light bulbs that imitate natural illumination. If you work during the daytime, make sure to leave the windows open and let the sunshine bring you some pleasure.

3. Ergonomic Comfort

You have already read about ergonomics in the text but let us dive deeper into the subject. Ergonomic comfort means having access to comfortable chairs and other pieces of furniture. There is no doubt that poor quality furniture directly affects the physical health of people using it. 

European research on wasted working time (Les Assises Internationales de Grenoble) has shown that companies lose large sums of money due to the back pain of their employees. How is it even possible? Firms have to allocate additional sources to provide their workers with medical care and insurance. If purchasing ergonomic furniture, a significant part of such problems could be averted.

4. Recreation Area

Most modern offices and coworking spaces are equipped with special rest areas. These are places where one can distract from monotonous tasks and have a short conversation with colleagues. If your job is remote and you do not have such an opportunity, do not worry.

Why not arrange a rest corner in your home office? You do not have to make it large; just make sure to separate it from your usual workplace. 

Think of things you prefer to do while relaxing. Scrolling social media pages is not suitable. It may be a kind of meditation or drinking coffee. If you have a proper place for doing these things, you will be more productive and motivated to alternate between work and leisure.

5. Quality of Air

Perhaps you haven’t expected to hear such a question here. But how often do you ventilate your room or office? How many times a day does fresh air penetrate your space?

Poor air quality creates uncomfortable conditions for any person, needless to say, those suffering from respiratory diseases. So, equipping the office with air filtration systems or at least ventilating the room several times a day will improve health conditions and thus productivity.

Moreover, to make a workspace a much more pleasant place to spend time in, you may add scented candles or aroma sticks. Consider the following scents:

  • Cinnamon increases attentiveness;
  • Lavender helps to relax;
  • Mint improves the overall mood;
  • Pine boosts alertness;
  • Citrus helps to wake up and be peppy.

6. Noise

Working in constant noise has several negative implications. You may face headaches or other health problems that will not add to your productivity and motivation. Thus, think about ways to avoid extra sounds that affect your capacity.

Instead, you may use calm background music available on YouTube or other platforms. It will help you become more focused and perform your tasks even faster.

Final Words

Creating a comfortable space should be one of the top priorities of a responsible student or an ambitious employee. There is no doubt that a self-motivated worker brings benefits several times greater than an employee who works in bad conditions and under duress. Thus, make sure to engage all your creativity and use all the opportunities to improve the quality of the place where you spend much time.

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