7 Benefits Of Cloth Diapers That Will Make You Want to Use Them For Your Babies

Cloth diapers are gaining a lot of popularity in the modern parenting world. Parents who believe in raising their kids mindfully and sustainably are on a constant lookout for ways to reduce the consumption of harmful products and look for plastic, toxin, and biodegradable alternatives. Cloth diapers check all these boxes. Thus, for all the right reasons, cloth diapers are slowly becoming a part of all households and replacing the harmful disposable diapers. So, if you have still not explored or bought cloth diapers online,  this article will help you understand the benefits of cloth diapers and why they are an ideal choice for your baby.

Benefits Of Cloth Diapers

The reason for such massive popularity of cloth diapers is the benefits for your baby, you and the environment that comes with the choice. Let us look at the top 6 reasons and benefits of cloth diapers that will make you want to use them for your babies!

1. Cloth Diapers Are Cost Effective

Apart from the harm a disposable diaper brings to your baby’s skin and the environment, it also burns a hole in your pocket. A child is in diapers till they are completely potty trained, and ideally, a child is completely potty trained by their third birthday. One disposable diaper costs anywhere between 8 – 10 rupees per diaper. And a disposable diaper can be used only once and then has to be disposed of. On the other hand, although cloth diapers cost around 700 Rs. per piece, they can be washed and reused up to 300 times. So, for the complete diapering journey of your baby, you will need just sixteen cloth diapers compared to thousands of disposable diapers. After a child is born, there are a million other expenses. At least the expenses on disposable diapers can be saved by replacing them with cloth diapers!

2. Cloth Diapers Are Biodegradable

Another popular reason for cloth diapers is suddenly becoming everyone’s favourite. Unfortunately, a disposable diaper takes around 400+ years to decompose. Even the first ever disposable diaper made is not that old, meaning all disposable diapers used on our planet are still somewhere in the landfills polluting our earth. Parents and caregivers who are mindful, conscious and care for the environment and those who are avoiding plastic, non-sustainable and non-biodegradable products are looking for alternatives. Cloth diapers are the answers to their questions. Cloth diapers last through your baby’s diapering journey, are washable and reusable, and because it is made of cloth, even after it is out of use, it causes no harm or leaves no carbon footprint behind.

3. Cloth Diapers Do Not Cause Rashes

Young babies and newborns cannot communicate their discomfort in words. Thus, at times we come to know about their pain only after a visible reaction. A rash is a painful experience that every child put in disposable diapers must endure. The non-airy material and the chemicals present are the main culprits. Apart from that, the chemicals turn pee into a gel, making disposable diapers absorb well and last longer. In addition, prolonged exposure to moisture and longer hours of no air on the bum can cause nasty rashes. Babies who wear cloth diapers rarely experience rashes unless it is an ill-fitting issue.

4. Cloth Diapers Make For A Perfect Gift

When it comes to gifting something to a newborn baby, most people cannot find options beyond personal care gift hampers and baskets. However, some close family members go to the lengths of getting something personalised and meaningful for the family. Cloth diapers also make for a very thoughtful, sustainable and adorable gift for a newborn in your family of friends. Parents appreciate something that saves them money, is excellent for their baby’s skin, looks so cute and is great for mother nature!

5. Cloth Diapers Contain No Harmful Chemicals

Some studies have shown that harmful chemicals such as Phthalates are present in many popular and leading disposable diaper brands. This can lead to serious health issues for your baby in future. However, cloth diapers are free of any such harmful chemicals and toxins. Therefore, they are safe for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

6. The Design & Prints Factor

The benefit of using cloth is their unique and fantastic print options. Cloth diapers such as SuperBottoms UNO come in various prints from florals to animals, from hearts to farms and even quirky prints available. Pair the diapers with jhablas, t-shirts, dresses, and t-shirts, and your child’s bum is ready to flaunt and win hearts!

7. Cloth Diapers Fulfil Multiple Purposes

Although, the purpose of a diaper is to soak the pee and poop. They save our surroundings from a huge mess. But, with cloth diapers, there are multiple purposes that one can fulfil. Apart from being just a diaper, cloth diapers have adorable prints; thus, you can make your child wear just the cloth diaper as bottom wear. Cloth diapers in the form of padded underwear are also the only and much-needed accessory for potty-training your child. It soaks only one pee and thus helps your child understand the body cues and urge to pee before a mess is created. This helps in potty training them. Another kind of cloth diaper – langots and nappies are ideal for newborn babies, as they poop a lot in the initial few days. Nappies hold up to one pee and are easier to wash and soak. SuperBottoms nappies have a dry inner layer, which does not let your baby’s skin feed the dampness and keeps them comfortable.

Apart from all these benefits of being a cloth diapering parent, a sense of pride comes from being a conscious and sustainable person. So, if you still have not explored the option of cloth diapers, wait for no more. It helps you save money, save your baby’s delicate skin from having nasty allergies and rashes, it is good for the environment, and you get the opportunity to flaunt your stash of adorable prints you own. So, what are you waiting for? Happy Cloth Diapering!

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