7 Cheapest Ways To Hire Qualified Candidates On Your Next Construction Project

Hire Qualified Candidates On Your Next Construction Project

Established construction firms consistently work on their talent pool, given that recruitment can be an ordeal. Being a forward-thinking business head, you must be on the hunt for cost-effective means to hire qualified candidates for your next few projects.

Currently, 91% of recruiters prefer candidates with previous professional experience. At the same time, you have your competitors appealing to potential employees with lucrative packages. If you are wondering how to find construction workers, our experts have developed certain strategies that we will disclose in this post to help you hire deserving candidates.

Why Does It Make Sense To Plan Ahead?

Successful firms in the construction sector plan their recruitment strategies well ahead. Often, these companies use analytics and other advanced software to determine trends, and so should you. Accordingly, you can get an idea of the peak seasons when you would need an extra workforce or when your business would gather momentum.

Moreover, it’s imperative to skim through upcoming schedules to ensure you have adequate project managers, labourers, and staff. It makes sense to allocate a good amount of time for this research to help you gather the right talent pool.

Failing to plan implies you would be hiring the first few candidates hastily when a new project comes up. This would deprive your firm of the right skillset and eventually decrease your output’s quality, compromising your reputation in the industry.

How To Find Construction Workers

Sure, you can consider collaborating with one of the reputed staffing agencies to build your talent pipeline. If you are wondering how to hire construction workers, here are some of the tried and tested recruitment strategies that you would find beneficial:

1. Establish Your Priorities

While growing your venture would be your #1 priority, you must also project your sense of responsibility to your recruits. The construction industry inherently involves a certain degree of health hazard. During recruitment, a smart gesture would be to demonstrate how you deploy safety measures within your organization.

When you talk to your employees, the communication channels should focus on your historical safety record and then business potential. You might also brief the candidates on the measures you have deployed to mitigate hazards at the workplace. Not to mention, focus on how and how well you are prepared to handle a crisis.

2. Work On Your Brand Image

You must consider using your brand image as a marketing weapon to expand your demographics in terms of customer base. Did you know that as much as 75% of your potential employees would be willing to work for you if you can manage the employer brand effectively?

It makes sense to channel your resources and time to develop your brand image to draw fresh employees. After all, you are not the only construction firm reaching out to employees. This mandates you to develop a unique reason for potential employees to work for you, not the others.

3. Deploy Advanced Technology

Technology plays an important part in answering the question of how to recruit construction workers. The current workforce encompasses a significant number of millennials. Being tech-savvy, they would be willing to work for organizations that offer them adequate growth prospects. A statistic from Deloitte reveals that by 2025, around 75% of the global workforce will be millennials.

To retain talent and acquire fresh ones, you need to refine your infrastructure and take your project closer to technology. Given that your workforce would be keen to set their hands on the latest technology, make sure to prioritize computer literacy as a criterion during the recruitment process.

Deploy GPS-guided machinery, 3D printers, drones, and robots wherever applicable to streamline your system. This would naturally draw talent to your organization!

4. Allocate Bonuses For New Employees

Feel free to be tactical with your recruitment process. Consult your HR manager and develop a provision for bonuses for new recruits. This type of incentive might attract deserving candidates to your company.

However, don’t forget to keep a minimum employment term as a condition of recruitment. This would ensure that new employees do not switch to your competitor after receiving their joining bonuses.

5. Build A Powerful Career Page

Leverage the power of your website to hire deserving candidates! Have you considered streamlining your digital recruitment campaign with alluring job descriptions? How about sending customized emails in beautiful templates to potential candidates?

Work with professionals to develop a powerful career page. Encourage your existing employees to share their experiences on your platform, which would serve as a testimonial for your work culture. This is bound to capture the eyes of potential employees.

6. Use Construction Staffing Resources

If you are yet to embrace construction staffing resources like resource and project management software, it’s time you do. The traditional approach will tell you when you need fresh hires. However, it might be intimidating to demonstrate their roles and responsibilities clearly. By deploying a powerful resource and project management software, you would have relevant data at your disposal at all times. This would help you readily identify your skill gaps and fill them up.

7. Count On Construction-Specific Agencies

Mistakes in choosing the right candidate can prove expensive in the construction industry. This is where you cannot afford to lack dedicated talent. Successful construction brands collaborate with agencies specializing in the industry. The recruitment expertise of these staffing agencies would weed out incompetent hires. Besides, you would make substantial savings on recruitment expenses.


Now that you know how to find construction workers, you can build a reliable team. You will likely overlook interns amidst all the recruitment chaos. With adequate training and support, you can create loyal professionals out of them for your organization. Also, remember to follow up with your prospects from time to time. A cold email can win you valuable talent if sent at an opportune moment.

Moreover, construction happens to be a collaborative process. The more you focus on networking, the greater your potential to hire skilled candidates. While local classifieds and traditional websites for job listing would be on your mind, make sure to deploy the measures outlined in this post.

Also, do not miss out on employee referral programs. With a smart recruitment stance, you can acquire talent faster than your competitors and outshine them with your productivity.

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