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7 Common Repairs In Boat House And Docks

The most scenic property anyone can own is the waterfront and boathouses. However, proper maintenance and timely repairs are the keys to keeping your waterfront property vibrant, and for that, you require professional assistance. The Agua construction company not only helps in repairing your boathouse or a dock but advises you on extending its life as well. If you want to repair the boathouse yourself, the following information will help.

1. Splitting Wood

Boathouses and especially private docks are made of wood. They can also be concrete, but the wooden ones uplift a property, hence their demand. Unfortunately, docks are also vulnerable to splitting like all wooden things. Splitting wood is one of the few things that need to be repaired regularly or can cause an injury.

2. Decaying Wood

No matter the wood type, moisture in the air and water will deteriorate the wood over time. Therefore, it’s better to replace them immediately to avoid spreading to the rest of the dock. In addition, the wood is more susceptible to decay during summertime due to increased humidity, so try to be more active.

3: Rust

Docks and boathouses are not all made of wood; the railings and some other parts are steel. Therefore, you need to regularly polish and clean the metal parts to avoid rusting. Rust eats away the metal, making the dock unsafe and posing serious health issues.

4. Foundations

The most important part of a dock or a boathouse is the foundation. Foundations are usually submerged in water; therefore, they need repairs periodically to maintain the strength of the dock. Every once in a while, check the integrity of the foundations and carry out the necessary repairs. Usually, you would be dealing with cracked wood, rust, or replacing the whole post.

5. Pest Control

This is not related to repairs, but it might need one if the problem gets out of hand. Docks and boathouses have the same pests as you would find in any other wooden fixture. Pests are a danger to your dock house, so checking for them and taking immediate action is necessary to maintain your boathouse’s beauty and long life.

6. Roof Repairs

Roofs on the dock are getting popular; therefore, they need to be checked regularly. Like everything else, humidity and sun will damage the roof over time. Therefore, you need to look for any damages on the panels and apply the necessary repairs. Please don’t delay repairing them; otherwise, you will be forced to replace the whole panel.

By promptly addressing problems with the roof panels, you can avoid the need for costly replacements. One key component that contributes to secure connections in boat houses and docks is the use of Bronze Clevis Pins. These sturdy pins provide reliable and durable fastening, ensuring the structural stability of your boat house or dock.

7. Polish and Clean

Like all wooden materials, proper polish and cleaning are the only way to extend their lives. Docks and boathouses are in or near the water all the time; therefore, the wood is more exposed to elements that damage it. Clean and polish your docks and boathouses daily to avoid extensive damages.

Owning a waterfront property might be on your bucket list but maintaining them is tricky. The repairs mentioned above need to be made regularly to ensure a long life.   

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