7 Effective Tips to Take Care of Your Baby in Scorching Summers

As a parent to a newborn child, your experiences will range from absolute chaos to complete adoration. From changing their diapers, keeping them fed, routinely changing their bedsheets, and making them feel loved and cared for, a new parent has a lot of things on their plate.

So it’s no wonder that the arrival of summer has got many parents worried about their newborns. Babies have much more sensitive and delicate skin than we do, and the heat and humidity can make your child feel uncomfortable.

However, if you ensure that a few factors are met, you can be at ease with your baby. Here are some tips to take care of your newborn in the scorching heat.

  1. Look into Your Child’s Diet: If your child is old enough to forgo breastfeeding, then one of the most important aspects to pay heed to is hydration. If they have stopped breastfeeding, then they no longer have access to the antibodies that build their immunity up. So make sure that you’re consulting your doctor for a solid diet plan for your child. Keep powdered milk handy, as regular milk can get spoiled very soon in summers. Also focus on keeping them cool and hydrated by letting them suck down on slightly chilled fruits, finding the right baby moisturizer, and checking their skin for any signs of dehydration.
  1. Watch the Water: Unless your baby is 6 months old, you won’t have to give them water. The breastmilk or formula milk that you feed them is hydrating enough. However, you should ensure that you are well-hydrated as well, in case you’re breastfeeding. If your milk supply is lacking, you can check out this article from on how to increase your milk supply.
    However, if your child is older than 6 months, make sure the water you give your child is boiled, filtered water. Boil water from your filtration device and cool it down for your baby to enjoy in the summer.
  1. Avoid the sun: Avoid exposing your child to the direct, afternoon sun. The rays from the sun can cause rashes and burn your child’s skin more than you know. If you want to take your newborn out, ensure that you have the right lotions, hats, and clothing ready to go. Dress them in light clothes and light fabric. If you can, avoid taking them out from 10 am to 2 pm.
  1. Diaper Control: You might think the best thing to do while changing diapers is to put on the new one immediately after cleaning. However, we suggest that you incorporate a diaper-free time in your child’s day. After you remove the old diaper and clean your baby off, let them run around without a diaper. This might require you to clean up after them more, but their skin will thank you for it. Having a diaper on the whole day, especially in the summer, can induce annoying heat rashes.
  1. Bath time: It is suggested for newborns to continue bathing in lukewarm water, but in summers, keeping the duration of the bath shorter is the best option. Longer baths can dry out the skin. The ideal temperature for your child would be around 37 degrees Celsius but check the water before you put your child in.


  1. Bug Control: With summer, comes a lot of bugs, and your child is most susceptible to getting bit. This Is why ensure that your baby is resting in a bug-free place. Use organic baby products like organic bug sprays and anti-bug lotions to keep them safe.
  1. Right fabrics: You want to check the fabrics you use to dress your child, ensuring that they are soft, light, and breathable. Even the bedsheets you use for your child’s crib must be super-soft and breathable to prevent your baby from getting rashes and feeling too hot or dehydrated.

When taking care of your baby, we’d know you’d do everything you can to keep them safe. Summers can get tricky, but they don’t have to be hectic as long as you follow the tips above. Ensure the clothes, bedsheets, and products you use are completely safe for your child’s skin and check for allergies before picking them up.


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