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7 Guidelines To Help You Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Basin

7 Guidelines To Help You Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Basin

Selecting which type of install in your bathroom can be an overwhelming task. Making decisions, in general, is a simple yet daunting task. When you shop bathroom basins, you also need to consider your bathroom’s overall design and structure and not only the aesthetic of the basin itself.

Some of the best types of bathroom sinks in the market

In this article, you’ll find the different types of bathroom basins. Many homeowners commonly use these. This list can help you in deciding which basin to get, depending on your preferences and style.

  • Under-mount 

In this structure, the basin is installed underneath the countertop. This sink is perfect if you’re aiming for a minimalist and elegant look because it has clean and seamless edges.

You can easily wipe the counter and let the water or other spills run off smoothly into the sink without obstructions.

  • Top-mount 

Contrary to the under-mount sink, the top-mount sink, sometimes called a drop-in sink, sits directly on top of the counter. The edges are a little elevated; you can opt for a slim or chunky rim.

You can install a top-mount sink if you have a wooden countertop, for example, to avoid being damaged by water spills. The rims or edges serve as barriers and are often cheaper than under-mount sinks because there’s no need to polish the edges.

  • Pedestal 

Pedestal sinks are ideal if your waste pipe is directly connected to the floor. It is a simple wall-mounted sink with a pedestal that acts as a covering for your pipe.

So, if you want to redecorate your room but can’t dismantle some parts like pipes, pedestal sinks are the perfect solution. You can still achieve an aesthetically pleasing interior design.

  • Vessel 

Vessel sinks are somehow similar to top-mount sinks because they also sit directly on top of the counter. The only difference is the whole sink is above the counter and not only a part of it.

This type of sink is a great option for adding an extra accent or statement piece to your bathroom. Vessel sinks are large bowl-shaped basins holding more water than other basins.

  • Semi-recessed 

This sink is perfect for those bathrooms with limited space. You can optimise a spot in the room, for example, installing a cabinet or drawer underneath the semi-recessed sink. Although the cabinets might be a little shallow, you can still free up a lot of floor space.

  • Wall-mounted 

As the name suggests, a wall-mounted basin is fixed into the wall. You don’t need a pedestal or countertop to support this type of sink. So the wall-mounted sink might be the perfect choice for minimalist people because it looks clean and simple.

It also creates the illusion of a more significant area because you have more floor area. But if you want to install this sink, make sure to position your plumbing inside the wall to maintain the cleanliness and polished look.

  • Wash plane

Among the above-mentioned sinks, the wash plane is the simplest and smallest. It is perfect for hotels and restaurants because it has a very sleek and stylish look.

Additionally, wash planes are also perfect for small-spaced restrooms because they only take a little space. They are perfect for minimalist powder rooms, too.

There is a wide range of choices for bathroom basins. You can choose from under-mount, top-mount, pedestal, vessel, semi-recessed, wall-mounted, wash plane sinks, and a lot more. Make sure to shop bathroom basins from trusted stores to ensure their quality and functionality.

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