7 Ideas for a Fashionable Themed Wedding

Is there anything more fun than a themed wedding? Seriously. After selecting your theme, you get to delight in picking out the details, and the guests get to enjoy the overall effect.

The hardest part of course, is narrowing down your theme.

If you’re still in the decision phase, mulling over your options before making a choice, we’ve got some popular and unique ideas for you to consider.

Barn wedding

There’s something about the rough-around-the-edges, rusty patina, and huge slabs of weather worn wood, that make lace, twinkly lights, an off the shoulder dress and a gorgeous string of pearls all shine a little brighter.

Perhaps the magic lies in the contrast of those two very different things. Whatever it is, it works.

One of the best parts of a barn wedding is you can make it as casual or elegant as you’d like. There are barns that are specifically used as wedding venues, with ornate chandeliers string up in the rafters. There are more low-key barn spaces, where you can customize it to your liking.

When choosing the barn theme, let your guests know what attire – including footwear – is appropriate.

Brunch wedding

Few things in life are more exciting or fun than brunch, and that’s not just because of the bottomless mimosas.

What’s not to love? The food is fun and tasty, spirits are bright, it’s relaxing, and there are always flowers around.

If the wedding is outdoors, you’ve got the beautiful morning light and not quite as hot temps, and then the reception follows just as things begin to warm up, and guests can enjoy the warmth of the sun relaxing their muscles as they sip champagne, and toast the two of you. Reaching their arms over the beautiful bouquets of bright blooms that line the center of the wooden tables.

For a brunch wedding, think casual with elegant touches. Think mini chicken and waffles, a tea bar, and of course, mimosas and bloody Mary’s.

You can still have music and dancing, but for those guests who are hesitant to hit the dancefloor before noon, consider bringing in lawn games, and other ways they can entertain themselves.

You can add a little whimsy to the fashion, too. Your bridesmaids could wear short dresses, or playsuits even.

Add your own twist, let your quirky personality show.

Vintage wedding

Is there a specific time period – like the 1920s perhaps – that you wish you were alive to experience, for the fashion more than anything else?

Why not have a vintage wedding?

Pull all the glitz and glam from the time period you can’t get enough of, and incorporate it into your big day! Encourage your guests to dress from that period too. Serve food, specialty cocktails, and dance to the tunes that were popular during that time.

Boho wedding

Whether indoor or outdoor, boho weddings bring casual natural elegance. There is nothing coiffed here, hair hangs in loose waves, perhaps with a flower or two tucked in. The dresses are effortlessly gorgeous and romantic, with balloon sleeves and lace detail.

The decor can be dried flowers, little mason jars with tea lights in a macramé holder, chairs made from rattan, and seating around the dance floor with plenty of throw pillows.

Forest wedding

If you feel more comfortable outdoors than in, a forest wedding is a no-brainer. There are multiple wedding venues that cater to forest weddings, with bench seating in neat rows under the towering pines.

Forests are inherently magical places, so you don’t have to do too much to enhance the already enchanting vibe.

Glowing lanterns, wildflower bouquets, and lace ribbons adorned from branches make a forest wedding a dreamy surreal event.

While most choose a long flowy dress with fluted sleeves, you’ll look equally stunning in a short chiffon sleeveless number with capped sleeves.

Desert Wedding

A desert chic wedding – whether you have it in a desert or an indoor venue – takes the stark austerity and beauty of the desert, and incorporates it into the wedding. Think cacti, succulents, reddish and sandy earth tones, minimalist simplicity and elegance.

You can add some Southwest flair, or a boho twist. A desert chic vibe is easy going, with a fun, laid back charm. It’s the perfect backdrop for a wide-array of dress options.

Festival Wedding

Who doesn’t love a music festival, or any festival for that matter? If that’s your thing, there’s no reason why your big day can’t be a festival of sorts.

Gather some of your favorite local musicians, or hire a wedding band.

Have food trucks serve the meals, and set chairs or haybales on the grass so guests can have a place to sit and enjoy it all.

Mixing your favorite festival elements with your favorite wedding elements is a recipe for a guaranteed good time.

Look absolutely glam in your dress during the ceremony, then off set it with a wide brimmed fedora as you twirl and dance to the band.


No matter how you choose to celebrate, we’re excited for you and have no doubt, it’s going to be spectacular.

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