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7 Key Reasons to Go Solar

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Did you know that the first solar panel was installed on a rooftop in New York by a man called Charles Fritts in the late 1800s? That means that solar technology is over 100 years old. You have to wonder why more people haven’t been bitten by the solar bug.

Perhaps the most common reason is that although people are generally aware of solar and support it as a concept, they don’t know enough about the subject to want to do anything about it. The first thing to grasp is that in the hundred years since its inception, solar technology has developed in lots of ways that now make it cost-effective and an excellent choice for your home.

In this article, we’ll give you 7 key reasons to go solar. As you read each reason, it’ll be like a solar-powered lightbulb turning on in your head.

1. Save Money

It is true that you need to spend money on your solar panels but that investment will pay for itself in reducing your energy bill each month. The time it takes to break even depends on lots of factors. For example, how much energy you consume now and how big your existing energy bills are.

As a general rule, the more electricity you use now the more you stand to gain from solar energy. It could take from 10 years onward before you start to get ‘free’ energy. Even so, you will save money overall with reduced energy bills and energy credits for solar-produced electricity that you can sell back to the national grid.

2. Sunny Tax 

Bottom line is that the Government is backing green energy and so now is a golden time to get into solar power. That means you can benefit from tax credits against your tax liability when you invest in solar energy. Put simply, these tax credits are a sort of indirect discount.

The government is helping you pay for your solar panels by reducing your tax bill. Each State will run its own incentives so you’ll need to check what’s available in your local state. These financial motivators will not last forever, so you need to think about acting soon before the opportunity passes.

3. Predictable Energy Costs

Energy prices fluctuate and tend to get more expensive over time. Sadly, some of the variables that contribute to that expense are beyond the control of the U.S Government. Overseas oil and other international trade challenges all affect the rising cost of energy at home.

Solar panels enable you to be somewhat independent of those variables. Once you own your solar panels outright, then increases in energy prices will not affect you as it does others. In some ways, you will benefit if you sell your excess electricity generation back to the national grid.

4. Low Maintenance

It is quite remarkable to think that technology this clever doesn’t need much maintenance. One of the most important things with solar panels is that they are kept clean so that they can capture sunlight in the most efficient way. Of course, there are other minor maintenance considerations but these are not expensive.

Cleaning your solar panels needn’t be complicated either. Accessing the location will probably be the most challenging aspect, but once you’ve got yourself organized regularly cleaning your solar panels should be an easy task. When you talk to some of the best solar companies, they’ll help you understand exactly what’s needed to get the best out of your solar panels and for the longest period.

5. Property Value

The truth is that solar panels are not going to significantly increase the market value of your home. So don’t make that your primary motivation for installing this kind of technology.

Still, it can’t be denied that solar panels will increase the value of your home in the sense that potential buyers will definitely be pleased. Your property is a more attractive prospect with solar panels as there are financial benefits and the kudos of using green technology.

6. Give Back to the Planet

It is everyone’s responsibility to look after this amazing planet. Big industry is often blamed for damaging the planet but we all play our part as consumers.

Whatever the debate, we can feel good about doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint by using renewable energy like solar. If we travel a lot or we are a big energy consumer, then solar panels are a practical way of offsetting our carbon usage.

7. Be An Example 

People care about what you think and what you do in your neighborhood. They may not say to you directly but you know deep down there is a basic expectation about standards that everybody wants to live up to. This is reflected in well-kept lawns and clean cars on the driveway, and other details that reflect well on property owners.

Using solar technology is an opportunity to make a subtle statement about the environment and the future of energy production. When you install solar panels on your property you will be an example to others. They will consider the merits as you have.

Get Bitten by the Solar Bug

In this article, you’ve read about 7 key reasons to go solar. When you spend the time more fully considering the advantages and merits of solar energy you can see why people get bitten by the solar bug. It’s one of those rare win-wins between man and nature.

Of course, it’s a big decision and a significant investment. The important thing is that through this article, you’ve already started actively thinking about it. Continue to do your research and you’ll make a good decision.

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