7 mindfulness activities to reduce stress

The world is a stressful place these days, and we all could use some help reducing stress. But when we are stressed at work or busy with other responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to do stress-relieving activities we enjoy.

Luckily, mindfulness practice is a great way to reduce stress quickly. It doesn’t require much of a time or money commitment at all.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of mind that focuses on being fully aware and present in the current moment. Key elements of mindfulness are focus on the present, intentional living, awareness of your surroundings, acceptance of the present moment, and nonjudgmental observation of the thoughts and sensations around you.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness has many health benefits. It can help improve your mood, improve brain function, and reduce stress.

What are examples of mindfulness activities to reduce stress?

Mindfulness is a standalone concept, but it is often combined with other healthy activities. Combining mindfulness with other activities can have great health benefits. Below are some of our favorite mindfulness activities to reduce stress.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are one of the easiest and most accessible ways to practice mindfulness. Simply spend a few minutes paying close attention to your breathing. Note the sensations in your body when you inhale and exhale. It may be calming to focus on taking deep breaths, but altering your breath is not required.

Mindful eating

Another easy and accessible mindfulness activity is mindful eating. When we get stressed out, eating can often be an afterthought or a rushed activity. Instead, focus on eating slowly and intentionally. Note the flavors, scents, and sensations of eating.


Yoga practice focuses on movement and awareness of the body. This makes yoga a great activity to combine with your mindfulness practice. Focusing on gentle stretches and calming breathing can feel great for both the body and mind and relieve stress.


Meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness. Mindful meditation is effective whether you choose to practice alone or with a guided meditation. Find a comfortable place to sit and wear comfortable clothing. Focus on your breathing, be aware of your thoughts as they come and go and accept any feelings and sensations that you experience.

Swimming or floating

Being in the water can help alleviate stress by making our bodies feel weightless and exposing us to the rhythmic sensations of being in the water. Pay attention to the sensations in your body and focus on your swimming strokes or breathing.


Simple movements like walking can help calm the mind and make us aware of the sensations in our bodies. Find a flat, easy place to go for a short walk and focus on your stride, your posture, and your breathing.

Getting out in nature

Nature can provide a great sensory experience that is calming and different from our usual routines. Going for a hike or finding a nice place to sit in nature and being mindful of the sights, sounds, and sensations around you can do great things to relieve stress.

Key takeaways

Mindfulness is a skill that needs practice, so it might not come naturally to you right away. You’ll probably get distracted a lot at first, but that’s OK. It is important to accept your thoughts and not be judgmental of yourself.

However, if you combine mindfulness with a mindfulness activity that you enjoy and do regularly, you’ll find that practicing mindfulness starts to become easy and your stress will melt away. Just stick with it!

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