7 SMS Survey Best Practices 2021

7 SMS Survey Best Practices 2021

The use of SMS for surveys has become very popular. SMS marketing has become popular thanks to its wide acceptance among marketers and customers. Apart from marketing and promotion, SMS is extensively usedfor conducting surveys. While surveys have many uses, in the world of marketing surveys are very helpful in understanding the voice of the customer. Every business needs to get feedback from customers.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success. On the other hand, a dissatisfied customer may leave the business and go to a competitor. It is important for marketers to identify customer satisfaction levels. This will help them understand if they are in the right direction. If they find out that there are dissatisfied customers, they can take prompt action to prevent them from leaving. A simple survey can help reveal all this. This survey can be sent through SMS making the process simple and convenient.

7 best practices for SMS survey

SMS surveys can be implemented with just two pre-requisites. One is a database of customers the other SMS marketing software that can be used to send messages easily. This software can be used to send a survey text message to customers. The software can be used to send a text message blast to all customers or to select customers. Keywords can be used to get a reply from the customer. The software can use this to analyze the results of the SMS survey. This makes managing the entire survey process easy.

The following are seven best practices that will help you implement SMS surveys effectively.


KISS or Keep it Short and Simple is a basic communication principle. The survey must be short and should not have more than one or two questions. The wording must be simple and easy to understand.

2) Brand the message

Promote your brand through the message. This will help the customer know who is sending the survey. This is important since a customer may not realize which company has sent the survey just by seeing the message header.

3) Send it at the right timing

SMS surveys should be sent at the right time. It should be sent when the customer is free and not during peak working times. Sending it late in the evenings or night is also not a good practice.

4) Personalize

To get a better response, personalize the message by including the name of the customer and sending an appropriate survey.

5) Have a CTA

A CTA or call-to-action is essential in SMS surveys. The CTA can mention how important the survey is and specify a deadline. You can even offer a gift to those who complete the survey.

6) Don’t overdo it

Surveys should be sent after each transaction or once in six months. Overdoing by sending too many surveys will be counter-productive.

7) Follow-up

Not all customers reply to surveys immediately. Gentle reminder messages are needed.

These practices are easy to implement and can ensure a business can run surveys easily. This can help understand what is in the customers’ mind and use this to improve their operations

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