7 Tips for Travel to France

France has so many things to offer, from the fresh aroma of baguettes baked in the bakery to the beautiful chateaux (castles) in the Loire Valley to the varied collection of masterpieces in Paris’s museums.

Keep reading if you are planning a trip to France soon. You’ll learn about the weather and what to order at restaurants, as well as some other helpful tips to help you some advices to travel to France.

Travel to France

7 Tips to Make Your France Trip a Game-Changing Experience

  1. Keep French Fashion in Your Mind

You should pack versatile, chic clothes. Keep in mind that the French love simplicity and elegance. French people love the expression “less is more.”

Your goal should be to blend in with locals, not stand out like a tourist. Bring a scarf for the ladies! Light scarves are great for adding style to your summer outfits.

2.    French Fashion in Mind

Comfortable shoes are a must for France. You should expect to walk a lot when traveling.

You can leave your stiletto heels behind and wear sandals or sturdy boots instead. You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Learn the Language

Local welcome visitors who attempt to learn the language. Even if you speak very little French and can barely manage a polite French will appreciate your effort.

A tutor can help you learn French quickly before your trip. If you’re interested in building up your vocabulary quickly, consider taking private lessons or French online classes. You can also view French tutorials online, such as this one.

  1. Check the Weather

The climate is more moderate in the regions along France’s three coasts than in central France, where there will be more variation between seasons. Paris can get very hot in summer, so make sure to pack light-colored clothes made from loose material.

While the summer months along the Mediterranean coast have little rain, the country gets plenty throughout the year; from April to August, Paris experiences quite a lot of rain. It doesn’t matter what season it is. It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast before you go to France.

Check the Weather

  1. You can travel in spring or fall.

The spring and fall months are the best times to visit France if you have a limited budget. You will get better deals if you book your plane tickets at least three months ahead of time.

  1. Consider a bed & breakfast.

Enjoy the charming bed and breakfasts France has to offer. While there are many options for lodging available to visitors, the more intimate bed and breakfasts in France are superb. Many offer regional cuisine and local recommendations on places to visit.

7.    Eat Like a normal

French cuisine is a proud tradition. No matter where you are, make sure to sample the local cuisine. The channel is a small pastry made with vanilla and rum that you should try visiting Bordeaux.

Enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean while enjoying a traditional seafood dish from the region. The bouillabaisse in Marseille or the quenelle in Lyon will be a hit!

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