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7 Tips To Style Your Dining Room With Modern Furniture

7 Tips To Style Your Dining Room With Modern Furniture

Looking to perk up your dining room space? Here are our top tips for keeping it contemporary.

Decorating a dining room is no laughing matter. Dining rooms are used to impress guests. Therefore, we want to make sure that we put our best foot forward whenever we’re designing them. The dining room is part of the house that most people who visit will see. Just like your kitchen, you want it to be as hygienically clean and sparkling as possible.

Do I need new dining room furniture?

Imagine the boss is coming over to eat on a Saturday when you haven’t decorated in 10 years. Imagine those feelings of guilt and shame as he sits at your rickety old wooden table, passed down from your granny.

The expert team at Modern Digs Furniture are renowned for choice in dining room furniture, should you need a place to begin in replacing all that creaky old wood.

The 7 Tips to Style Your Dining Room with Modern Furniture

Here are the 7 best ways to style your dining room with modern furniture.

1 – Contrast

Think about sharp contrasting colors. There is something elegant and classic about black and white together, yet you would not say that it wasn’t modern either. Contrast your light and dark colors for a bold, daring effect.

2 – Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t a purely modern concept any longer. However, we cannot deny that decluttering your surfaces opens the space and makes everything cleaner and sharper. Try using a minimal style to tidy up your modern dining room.

3 – Intimacy

You want to dedicate a space to dining. Create intimacy around the dining area to do so. Separate it off with screens or add some nice dark colors and some featured artwork.

4 – Everybody Loves Glitter

Modern designers absolutely adore adding glitter to interior designs. One of our personal favorites is glitter grout in the bathroom or kitchen. Use glitter sparingly and set it against a backdrop of dark colors so that it resembles a starry sky for a super modern, sleek effect.

5 – Adjust That Lighting

If you only make one change in your dining room because that’s all you can afford to do, then start with the lighting. Adding a dimmer switch is a simple yet effective way to create atmosphere without even touching the walls. Strip lighting is currently incredibly popular, and it can cycle through different colors depending on your mood.

6 – Think Clean

Clean and modern go hand in hand. The reason for this is psychological. When we see a freshly painted wall, we assume that it has been newly done. When we see that wall again a year down the line and it has been kept perfectly clean, we will assume that it is freshly done.

7 – Add A Focal Point

No modern dining room is complete without at least one focal point. This could be a picture blind, it could be some floral curtains, it may be an idyllic centerpiece and it could even be a chandelier. Whatever your focal point is make it big and bold.

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