7 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Critical Thinking

One survey found that 95% of respondents believe critical thinking skills are necessary for navigating today’s society. Helping your child develop critical thinking isn’t as daunting as it sounds.

In this article, we discuss the importance of early childhood education and the different ways to improve thinking skills of children. Continue reading to give your child a head start in critical thinking.

  1. Encourage Curiosity

Being berated with questions constantly can be frustrating, but curiosity is key if you want your child to develop critical thinking skills. Allow them to ask questions and be willing to provide answers.

Encouraging curiosity is a great way to help your child feel confident. It can also help them articulate themselves more effectively.

  1. Let Them Think Through a Problem

When your child asks you for help, it’s natural to want to give it to them immediately. However, sometimes the best contribution you can make toward their childhood development is giving them the power to support themselves.

Instead of giving them the answer or performing a task for them, gently push them to try again. Ask them if there’s another way to go about solving the problem themselves to develop child thinking skills.

  1. Incorporate Decisions During Play

Being able to make decisions quickly and confidently is an important life skill. That’s why we recommend incorporating decision-making during playtime. The more decisions they face, the more they get to work through different scenarios.

  1. Avoid Yes or No Questions

Avoiding yes or no questions is one of the easiest ways to improve thinking skills. Instead of asking your child, ‘do you like playing soccer,’ ask them, ‘what do you enjoy most about playing soccer?’

They don’t always have to give you an insightful answer to develop their critical thinking skills. If you catch yourself asking a yes or no question, you can follow it up with ‘why’ or ‘tell me more.’

  1. Utilize Early Childhood Education

These programs contribute to childhood development by teaching them lessons in art, music, and STEM subject. Plus, they get the chance to develop critical thinking skills in social situations.

  1. Teach Open-Mindedness

One of our favorite ways to improve thinking skills is to teach children open-mindedness. Teaching them that there is more than one way to accomplish something can help them with problem-solving as well as inclusivity.

  1. Don’t Come to the Rescue Right Away

As a parent, you want things to be easy for your child and you probably hate to see them struggle. However, we recommend allowing them to be challenged.

Struggling through a problem not only helps them develop critical thinking skills, but it also gives them a sense of pride when they figure it out for themselves.

Help Your Kids Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Start helping your kids develop critical thinking skills by using the above tips. Getting a boost in childhood development can put your child on the path to success where critical thinking skills are concerned.

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